Reviews For The Last Message

Name: Dapper Scavenger (Anonymous) · Date: January 27, 2009 07:22 am · For: Chapter 1

Loved jealous Glorfindel.  Loved poor tormented Erestor - though, crikey, he's a bit of a dark horse, isn't he?  Loved Arwen's relatonship with her protectve big brothers.  Also giggled a great deal at the goats!

I'm not usually one for first person stories but this one was just grabbed me.  Absorbing, that's the word I'm looking for!

Author's Response: Hey Dapper S! Thank you so much. Yeah Erestor came off a bit "different" didn't he? Well I attribute that to his tormented status and his reluctance as far as Arwen's further education goes. :) I'm glad her relationship with the twins worked for you as I took a bit of a chance there. Anyway, I am very pleased this story worked for you. My first try at het! woot! Hare...

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