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Name: Annatard (Signed) · Date: November 10, 2015 12:34 pm · For: Prologue

Loved Feanor's horrific realization of what he did!

Name: Isthimiel (Anonymous) · Date: August 02, 2015 08:42 am · For: Chapter 6

Hantalyë. This story was very good. I love Maedhros and I love all characters of The Silmarillion (Except for Melkor and Sauron of course!).

Name: Tristana (Signed) · Date: July 06, 2012 06:30 pm · For: Chapter 6

I had prepared a super long and thoughtful review, clicked the wrong button and lost it. Yay.

Since I am the first to review, I'll still try my best to be coherent and remember what I said.

First of all, kudos to you for pulling off the Morgoth/FĂ«anor ship without falling into the trap of pointlessly gory BDSM. And the rarity of the pairing makes it all the more worthwhile.

I found your story to be rather unique for several reasons.
First, the fact that you focused more on their interaction, the mind games and the rest. I guess most would expect smut right away, and while I am a total fangirl, I must say that here, you speaking of FĂ«anor being 'ravaged' is even worse than having a full description. And it allows for my imagination to run wild. Though I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not. Oh well.
Also, the parallel 'sub-plot' with FindekĂ no. You pulled it off very nicely, and it helped setting your story within the frame of the Silmarillion itself. And also, it prevented your story from becoming 'stifling' - like, one would need a breather from Angband because that place is insane.

You have brilliant ideas as well, really. I really liked that of Melkor using the Silmaril to gag FĂ«anor, effectively bringing him down a peg or two. And you have a knack to depict his pain, both physical and psychological. The unravelling of his mind and body, it was genius, and right in the line of the rest. I especially liked the part when Morgoth shows him Maitimo being tortured - the progress of FĂ«anor's mind and the fact that he ended up begging - and Melkor's doubt. These may seem like details but they added depth to the scene and made it even more realistic. It was quite tearing to see this, the torture and the otherwise proud Elf who would suddenly step down to save his own son.
Another was the grass and vines. I did not expect it at all - and it was the first time natural elements are brought into Angband - most of the time, it is described as only stones and iron. That nature itself becomes deadly, artificial, adds to the unease that we feel in the scene. (Though Sauron grinning like a maniac plays a role in it, no doubt.)

Just as well, this whole thing about Melkor managing to reach FĂ«anor's heart, and his mind and - at times, I did not know if it was real or not, which is all the more interesting in the context of the story. Makes one feel a bit delirious.

Last but not least... having FĂ«anor saying that Morgoth 'has his uses' just had me grinning. It added a lightness to the end of the chapter, that I did not want to bawl at all. For once. Congratulations for averting the mind-numbing angst potential, it was quite refreshing.

And this line: ""I wonder if bedding you always leads to such wisdom," he taunted. "Perhaps you should bed yourself once in a while," suggested FĂ«anaro. "It could lead to some interesting insights.""
It nearly killed me. I swear, this has to be the most awesome line I ever saw coming from FĂ«anor. Where he could have gotten angry and just yelled or something, you have this gem of a retort. I thus make FĂ«anor King of Snark.

So, I guess that the main point - hidden in my -too long- rambling - is that your story is not only a well-written one - complete with content, form, spelling and all. You also brought something new to this theme of imprisonment, especially through the elements I mentioned before. (And the fact that Namo is actually being presented as capable of doing something else than castigating Noldors. Though he's right about the whole 'you would have spent two millenia convinced you did nothing wrong otherwise'. Too true.)

I am sorry for the overly long review, but I had to say it - I am sure I forgot things on the way, though it's quite late. But I promise, I will not stalk you unless I recall something very important because I would hate to sound like a creeper.

Thank you again for writing this story and sharing it. I will treasure this story (well, not hoard it per se, as we know what befall those who hoard).

I wish you all the best and a good continuation for your writing.


Name: Seduction (Anonymous) · Date: July 10, 2009 11:04 pm · For: Chapter 6

Great story - i loved to read it :)

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