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Name: Kenya (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2014 08:34 am · For: Chapter 1

Thinking of this incredible story - which had me living like a hermit for days until I could finish it- really dark but definitely well written!Great job.

Name: Bat-el (Signed) · Date: October 08, 2012 12:49 am · For: Chapter 25

Oh God! I am now mentally disturbed! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This is regarding your LotR fic “Fallen”. I’m so sorry, love, I did not heed your warnings. Frankly speaking, I could say curiosity got the better of me. The summary had me interested in Maglor and so, despite reading the warnings, I paid no heed. Now I am paying the price for it all. *sobs*

I found myself interested in your depiction of Maglor and his fate [the actual of which was unclear in the original work]. His choice to remain a slave to Sauron in the end had me gaping in horror, but the decision too was realistic. Many actual people who had so much resentment from being neglected and left alone for so long by those who they believe ought to protect them and those who had too much pride or fear to see the reality of their predicament and those who cannot forgive themselves tend to remain in abusive hands and self-degradation, thinking it was the best and only choice in which they could retain their selves.

Misplaced pride is truly destructive, Maglor had it when he rejected the call of the Valar, putting the blame on them by not saving him from his agony when they could have done so at the moment he had been captured. By doing so, he doomed himself, not thinking that Sauron, his master, was a mere Maiar, a lesser being than those who had beckoned him to save himself. He could not understand that everything that happened to him was due to the choices of everyone around him including himself. Had they not sought the Silmarils to destruction, he would not have been on that shore and hence, would not be captured by the Dark Lord. [Wow, now, I’m reasoning for myself. I had to, else I would go crazy. Forgive me.] Because of the resentment for not being saved and protected, he forego his only and last chance of escape, choosing instead to be a plaything without freedom, no place for his feelings, there is only that manipulation, an illusion of safety that was never there. In the end Sauron would lose his battles in Arda and its unimaginable what would become of Maglor. He had been enslaved for so long…debased and abused and beaten like an animal, made to obey extremely disgusting orders and to thank for it all, and yet there was still that pride in him in refusing to be saved. True, who could help someone who would not help himself? *sighs* Still, I pity him. No one deserves to be hurt and used like an object. [Wow, I’m taking this seriously.] Maybe he would face reality and sail to Valinor after Sauron’s final defeat. But the story doesn’t tell… *sobs* Would there be a sequel? *wink*

I was just curious if Maglor’s story would be the same had it been that Sauron cannot obtain a fair form any longer [as was in Tolkien’s work]. Sauron’s physical beauty was a consolation for Maglor so that he was in the hands of a beautiful tormentor, but what if it were lost? Would Maglor still feel desire? When Sauron became the dragon-like creature, he could not think of it as Sauron anymore. But then again, the story remains that way and so it will be.

My, I’m still disturbed, even after all my ranting! Gosh! I’m still so disturbed and I can blame no one but me. I remember the story every time I go to bed, go to work and every time I put my make-up on. *whimpers* But I can’t blame you, love, you warned me. I can’t blame the story either, it had the right to be written. I was so affected because, to be honest, I loved your writing style very much which made me love the story despite its darkness.

Despite the gore, the rape, the extreme abuse and sado-masochism and the theme of absolute slavery, your excellent writing skills ought to be applauded though. You have made it very believable and convincing that I had to research again and again for the story’s inconsistency with the original work to disprove the authenticity of your story. And I’m so happy I found some to console myself! Yay! Here they are (Yes, I’m enumerating them for the sake of my sanity):

1. The fic’s timeline was set at least 1,500 years at maximum before Gollum’s retrieval from Mirkwood by Sauron. That would make the fic set on T.A. 963 which is T.A. 2,463, the year of Smeagol’s/Gollum’s murder of Deagol for the possession of the One Ring, minus the 1,500 years of the fic’s timeline. During that time, Sauron’s ability to take on a fair form had already been lost because on S.A.3,319 the island of Numenor had been drowned into the sea, wherein Sauron’s body and many of his abilities were drowned along with it. Thus he could not have assumed a beguiling appearance 1,085 years before and during the entire timeline as stated in the fic, which was stated as 1,100 years before Gollum’s retrieval from Mirkwood by Sauron’s minions. *smiles*
2. The Uruk-hai were not created by Sauron but by Saruman, the Istari who was corrupted by his studies of Sauron. That the uruk-hai were from mutilated elves was not mentioned as a possible theory of their origin but that they were half-breeds of orcs and men, hence their ability to withstand heat from the sun.
3. I doubt that Maglor would last for more than a millennium with Sauron as his Master. He is a son of Feanor and he abhors all that has something to do with Morgoth, Sauron is Morgoth’s lieutenant. The actual Maglor would rather die (suicide) and have his soul imprisoned in Barad-dur for eternity rather than serve his father’s enemy.
4. Sauron was called Aulendil for he had been from the House of Aule but his true name was Mairon or Maimate, the Beautiful-handed.

Yes, I’m crazy, right? Searching for reasons to have this fic disproved. I know I shouldn’t because a fic is a fic and will not sometimes coincide with the canon. But I’m doing this because right now, I’m still mentally disturbed. And so, the solution in my head is to write something myself to remove the disturbance on my brain. I have now registered at LoM just to review the story which rattled my wits and which became my inspiration to try to create something for myself. Love, your story was a frightening muse, but then again, still a muse. ^.^

Loves (and hoping to get well soon and hoping I didn’t annoy you much),


Name: Annuminas (Anonymous) · Date: September 26, 2012 10:30 pm · For: Chapter 1

After reading the entire fic for two days, I was in very wet, underneath. *kiss* This story was one of the best BDSM fics I have ever read..Of course torture is never entirely physical, and I'm truly grateful that you have expressed it within of the mental and spiritual plane. Yikes, I'm getting twisted...but believe me, this may not be appropriate for those who can't stand it, but to those who love dark fics, this certainly is *good* for our health. Cheers...

Name: Valanyonnen (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2012 07:08 pm · For: Chapter 1

This was among the first LotR themed fics I ever read, back when it was first submitted several years ago. Although the author may not come back to see this review any time soon, I want to say thank you. In all its frightfulness and twisted romance, this is one of the most chilling, intriguing, captivating stories I've read so far. Sure to send shivers down my spine every single time.

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