Reviews For Not in Vain

Name: N (Anonymous) · Date: February 09, 2013 02:42 am · For: Chapter 1

Oh my heart! this is insightfully and gorgeously written.

Name: Luuu (Anonymous) · Date: August 18, 2012 03:23 pm · For: Chapter 1

This story almost made me cry T.T EXCELLENT WORK! When I read the summary, I thought it was too god to be true, but no, this was awesome. Very long, but worth the read. It didn't feel like it dreaded on, it was perfect. I found myself sitting here, shrieking and having a high pulse myself at some moments. I really hoped that you would go for a Merry/Boromir kiss, and when I happened, I sighed of relief. When I realized that we were closing in at Boromir's death (when he saw Frodo) I literally said outlode "NO, WAIT, HE CAN'T DIE NOW D:!". It was well written, so I really felt sad when I knew the end was coming. Love how you didn't make everything fluffy and a dance on roses, because in reality, romance is not. So, as I said, GREAT JOB! :D

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