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Name: Kenya (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2014 03:33 pm · For: Chapter 1. Long Time No See

Beautiful and touching story, all the characters were very vivid and memorable. Thanks for your work!

Name: Gepo (Anonymous) · Date: January 25, 2013 07:30 pm · For: Chapter 1. Long Time No See

I cannot believe this has no reviews. Of course, this site is one where reviews are only sparely given but still - this is a great story and it worthy of a review.

Now, where do I begin? My first thought: Denethor is so great! I never liked him but here he is of a very likable sort. So very bitter in his realism.
Of course, letting those two even meet was a very bad move. But understandable as you have to prove the truth of your perception sometimes. Then seeing and grasping the opportunity Orophin presented - just perfect! Even more perfect had he placed Orophin in a position where they could only meet in daylight. On the other hand - with Boromirs sudden move in visiting the camp - Denethor had to haste the relationship. So allowing them nights had been a wise decision. Having Boromir have a run-in was a great decision as well. So the possibility of having Faramir's tastes known through the servants was minimal while the impact on both sons was maximum. Quite cunning.
Followed by sending Boromir on a new quest and forcing a marriage on him while he is still angry. Marrying out of spite, maybe even getting his wife pregnant. Telling Boromir he should set an example for his brother, calm him after the shock and maybe even taunt his jelousy as well. If that does not work, dangling the carrot that marriage secures people's views of you.
After all, Denethor has to secure an heir. Right now, the situation is not very promising.
He only made one mistake. Having Faramir throw Orophin out and sending him to a BORDER camp on the same day was quite a bad idea. Orophin can securely live on that border if Faramir provides him with arrows and they can (and certainly will) meet again. If he had Orophin thrown out and kept Faramir with him for two months, that relationship would not have the possibility to be sought out in secret.

The much less cunning side of me weeps for Boromir T.T Good, that poor man ... not being able to be with the one you love, knowing he has feelings for you AND being hurt by him - that is really too much. Poor Boromir T.T
And poor Orophin! Even though he now knows what love is, he will lose it again. Faramir would not run away with him, even if I really wished he would. Orophin has earned a bit of love! I hope he wanders to Imladris and is taken in with open arms v.v
And last but not least: Poor Faramir. Yes, you will throw your lover out, go back to work and yield to Boromir in a few years. But you will not touch him. Even if, it will be nothing more than stolen moments. You will both fear your father too much, even if he is no more.

But if this follows canon and Denethor will be no more, then Boromir will also die. And maybe he will die without having ever known his brother's touch. Poor, poor all.

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