Reviews For Forever Dark Woods

Name: mia (Anonymous) · Date: September 20, 2014 10:53 am · For: Chapter 1

Valar, this was the creepiest, amazingly scary fics I've ever read, thank you so much. Your imagination knows no limits!!!!!!

Name: Leggy's Lover (Anonymous) · Date: May 04, 2013 09:13 am · For: Chapter 1

This fic is fantastic!!!
Well done, and it really creeped me out, has he's gone crazy? Amazingly he becomes scarrier than the one we are supposed to be afraid of.

Name: Bat-el (Signed) · Date: October 31, 2012 03:36 am · For: Chapter 1

Whoa..I didn't expect that kind of ending...but it was pretty good! A pleasant departure from the common portrayal of Sauron's character that was either evil-turned-nice or verrrry-evil-to-the-end. (^.^) It's nice to see him helpless, considering the likes of him. Elladan's coldness was creepy but nicely portrayed. True, one can imagine what kind of torture Sauron would experience with Elladan, knowing how eerily unfeeling he was.
Oh! It's a great read! You've made a crazy girl sane again!
And er, before Bat-el forgets, Annatar is not Melkor but Sauron. No other Silmarillion character used this name other than him. Drats! Though the author may not read the review, considering that this fic is written three years ago, this story deserves one. This fic is rated 10!

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