Reviews For Elevation

Name: Tristana (Signed) · Date: July 06, 2012 02:35 pm · For: Chapter 1

This makes me want to have an Eomer nearby when I'm bawling.
okay, this is a PWP, perhaps but I'm grateful that it's not simply smut, that you actually wroter something around it. (PWP is a genre on its own and I guess too many people would write just smut and get on with it.)
It makes sense, kind of. And I daresay that the unoriginality of your story is rendered nonexistent by the fact that you got Legolas and Eomer in it. Compare it to the sheer number of Aragorn/Legolas over the internets.
So what I meant was: thank you for making this one rabbid fangirl run to her bunk, I daresay it was well nommable smex and therefore, have some cookies! (Don't worry, they are not baked by Morgoth, the guy's useless in the kitchen.)

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