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Summary: I have always longed to read a story where Pippin suffers in some sort of way (you know... rape, stabbed, shot... etc.) without the interference of Merry or Frodo :) Maybe something with Boromir or Aragorn?
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Pippin
Summary: Pippin gets an over the knee bare-bottom spanking from Boromir, or Aragorn, against his will.The rest of the fellowship watch while it's going on.
Categories: FPS Characters: Pippin
Summary: In the RotK movie Pippin looks into the Palantir and after several torturous moments he is finally wrenched free. He says only, 'He hurt me'. I would like to see a story that goes into exactly HOW Sauron hurt Pippin during those few seconds, whether it be purely angst and psychological torture, or BDSM, slash, whatever tickles your fancy. My only requirement is that poor little Pippin is suffering and scared out of his mind. (in other words: he doesn't enjoy any of it.) I'd love to see different takes on this, so if more than one person would like to adopt this forlorn little challenge.
Categories: FPS Characters: Pippin
Summary: Pippin returns to Gondor fifteen or twenty years later and finds Bergil all grown up. Should be Pippin/Bergil (obviously!), any rating is OK, but the higher the better.
Categories: FPS Characters: Pippin
Summary: I'd like to see Pippin and Gandalf. Heck, Gandalf apparently is long familiar with the younger two Hobbits, and he seems to treat Pip with tolerant amusement-annoyance. I'd like to see some interaction between the two without interference from Merry, please. The more romance, the better.
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Gandalf, FPS, FPS > Gandalf/Pippin Characters: Gandalf, Pippin
Summary: I haven't found any Pippin-Sam (without Frodo and/or Merry being involved, and without either longing for Merry or Frodo. I would like to see genuine Pippin and Sam affection for each other.
Categories: FPS > Sam/Pippin, FPS, FPS > Pippin/Sam Characters: Pippin, Sam
Summary: Pre-quel to the Lord of The Rings. Sam develops a very school girl like crush on Pippin so Frodo tries to help him out. Pure fluff and humor is wanted.
Categories: FPS Characters: None