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Summary: Anything based on The Hobbit as long as it doesn't take place in an elven realm and has no elves. Preferably should include a dwarf, but I'm not particular.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: Set during 'The Hobbit'. Balin doesn't seem to take much notice of Bilbo before their journey through Mirkwood. After that he seems to think very highly of Bilbo and they have formed a very close friendship by the time they actually get to the Lonely Mountain. What changes Balin's mind about the hobbit? This can be slash or pre-slash, although the more romance the better. No PWP or parody stories, please. Extra points for higher ratings though. Sex is good. *g*
Categories: FPS > Balin/Bilbo, FPS, FPS > Bilbo/Balin Characters: Balin, Bilbo
Summary: Faramir is captured and brought to a distant land as a prisoner (Harad, Khand or any other place of your choice). His fair noble looks win him the favour of the local king, who takes the Gondorian prince into his harem. But soon Faramir learns the blood-curdling truth: the lord sleeps with a particular man only once ‚Äď and on the morrow the unfortunate fellow is beheaded. The king had once been cheated on by his long-term lover, and now keeps revenging himself for his pain and humiliation‚Ķ So, by the time Faramir is called into the royal bedroom, he has a plan. After all the passions are satisfied, Faramir asks if the lord would like to be entertained by a story (let‚Äôs assume they, being noble and educated, have between the two of them a tongue both can understand). The king gives him permission to begin ‚Äď but Faramir soon notices his master is getting bored, and thus the Gondorian decides to spice things up and add some intimate content. This reawakens the royal attention, and thus Faramir resolves to telling a tale from his personal adventures (which there were many of) ‚Äď but in the most interesting place the morning catches him, and he has to stop. The king is so keen on learning how the story ends, he decides to spare Faramir for the day and kill him the following morning, after they spend another night together, and the man finishes his narrative. But, naturally, the following morning comes right in the middle of another captivating tale of Faramir‚Äôs ‚Äď and thus it goes on‚Ķ
Categories: FPS, FPS > Faramir/? Characters: None
Summary: Something with √Čomer, with a little bit of dark, scary stuff like BDSM, rape, non con, whatever works. NC-17 is best, multi-chapters and a strong plot is nice, too, but not required! :)
Categories: FPS Characters: √Čomer
Summary: An √Čomer rape-fic, because I can't find any. I'm talking gang-bang type stuff, preferably bad men, but could be Orcs. Aragon finds him, and they end up getting together.
Categories: FPS Characters: √Čomer
Summary: Romance. Starts at Arwen and Aragorn's wedding, were they show up wearing very similar clothes. Not too A/U. Has to include the following phrases, spoken by or to one of the two lovers: 1) 'Why have you not washed your hair yet?' 2) 'My feet hurt, please let me have my shoes back!' 3) 'If it pleases you, I will do it again; but I don't think the horse enjoyed it much.' 4) 'Someone is coming, just cut it off!' 5) 'Will you not walk with me the rest of the way? I need to tell you something about your father's shoes.' 6) 'I have to leave you now, but I promise to return your boat in the morning.'
Categories: FPS > √Čomer/Celeborn, FPS, FPS > Celeborn/√Čomer Characters: Celeborn, √Čomer
Summary: After being banished from Rohan, √Čomer is overcome with anger, frustration, and hopelessness. He takes off on his horse and rides like the devil; rides hard and fast until he and his horse almost collapse. He stops to rest and is discovered by Elrohir, while he is out on one of his Orc-hunts. Elrohir takes pity on √Čomer, he himself being wracked with pain and anger over his mother's torture and subsequent departure from Middle-Earth. Elrohir takes √Čomer back to Rivendell to find solace from his pain (can anyone say H/C?). The two fall in love and Elrohir convinces the horse-lord that the best way to overcome his pain, and to not let Saruman win, is to gather the other riders who are loyal to Rohan and fight for his country, whether his King aides him or not.
Categories: FPS Characters: Elrohir, √Čomer
Summary: √Čomer/Erestor
Categories: FPS Characters: √Čomer, Erestor
Summary: With suitable amounts of sap and romance and angst, the longer the better.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/√Čomer, FPS, FPS > √Čomer/Haldir Characters: √Čomer, Haldir of Lothl√≥rien
Summary: This is basically Morgana's and Tinivelle's fics--Bonds of Honor and A Mortal Love - turned on its ear. In both of those stories, it seemed as if Haldir had become mortal because of the bonding with √Čomer. So... *evil giggle* Turn that around. Have √Čomer become as a Elf, his fate like Tuor - we never did find out how exactly Tuor was *sundered* from men, did we? That healing bond - it was banned from usage with mortals because of the danger of Tuor's fate. Suppose no one ever told Aragorn, and Legolas had no idea because, 'Damnit, I'm a *warrior*, not a fucking healer!' Take that one step further. √Čomer forbids Aragorn from telling Haldir, unaware of the effect on himself - you can pick the reason, but the most likely one is that the Rohan might not like the idea of their king bonding with a Elf. Ok, so the foresaid Elf saved their asses. Still... Haldir doesn't know what happened, either, because he was out cold. He thinks Aragorn healed him without resulting to the bond. What I'd love to see is the chaos that occurs once Elrond, or Celeborn, or some Elf finds out what Aragorn and √Čomer did. *How* they discover this is part of the fun! Remember, poor √Čomer comes from a culture that didn't have Numenoreans or Elves running around in their lineage, so this could be very difficult for him to accept. This has the potential to be a good H/C/H/C fanfiction.
Categories: FPS > √Čomer/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/√Čomer Characters: √Čomer, Haldir of Lothl√≥rien
Summary: √Čomer has promised himself to Loth√≠riel in gratitude to Imrahil. It is seen as an alliance rather than a love match by both. During his wedding celebrations, Legolas comes to Edoras, and √Čomer is immediately attracted. How does he balance duty with his heart?
Categories: FPS > √Čomer/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/√Čomer Characters: √Čomer, Legolas
Summary: Preferably BDSM, with a lot of sexual tension that we saw in the movie (hehehe). After Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn meet √Čomer and his followers, Legolas decides to confront √Čomer about his rude and cold attitude towards the remaining Fellowship (during when they are just entering Rohan). This should have the same language used in the movie and the book, just to make it more authentic. Legolas should also not be submissive, and neither should √Čomer. Let's have a little fight! Lots of submission/aggression issues, i.e., Legolas submits and √Čomer submits in equal proportion and is equally aggressive. Set in the time period after Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli meet Th√Čoden. No rape... please.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/√Čomer, FPS, FPS > √Čomer/Legolas Characters: √Čomer, Legolas
Summary: Movie-verse preferably since I haven't read the books. Can be set during the ROTK or post-trilogy, I'm not fussy. Preferred rating would be NC-17, but I will take anything I can get since no one seems to write this pairing at all. *sigh* Maybe √Čomer gets injured protecting Merry, and Merry has to take care of him until he's recovered? And let's face it, injuries are a good way to get people together. Mpreg optional. You can totally blame whoever decided Merry would ride behind √Čomer on Firefoot for this request, they just look so cute together.
Categories: FPS Characters: √Čomer, Merry
Summary: Theodred finds his place as the only child in his home threatened when his two cousins, √Čomer and √Čowyn, come to live with him. He dedicates himself to his studies and training to try and prove himself better than √Čomer - who is naturally talented at qualities a prince requires - to his father. His jealousy keeps them from forming a friendship for years, until Theodred finds that he is trying to impress his cousin more than his father.
Categories: FPS Characters: √Čomer, Th√©odred