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Summary: A combination of Arwen/Nazgul, Frodo/Nazgul, Frodo/Arwen, and Nazgul/Nazgul. Setting is the Ford of Bruinen and the starting or suggestive quote would be, 'If you want him, come and claim him!' Take it wherever you like, I just wanna see Frodo get down w/ some freaky bondage-like stuff. Preferably rated NC17, but it doesn't really matter.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Frodo, Nazg├╗l
Summary: Hmm... I was thinking of something perhaps along the lines of a NICE Uruk-hai (that's a first... does such a thing even exist?) and someone appallingly adorable, like Legolas or Pippin... Vast quantities of bonus points for using the word 'Spankmuffin' in the fic, and if the nice little Orc is accosted by more than one cutie at once. The naughtier the better. Enough bonus points to drown in will be awarded to anyone who makes this both funny and angsty... at the same time!
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas, Orcs & Uruk-hai, Pippin