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Summary: Picture Bunny! I'd love to see a picture of Frodo and Sam, (looking like hobbits, not elves,) taking a bath for the purpose of getting not laid but clean. Xena and Gabrielle do it all the time. The sensuality is muted. Makes nice eye candy.
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Sam
Summary: When Faramir was riding out in battle on the Pelennor Fields (i think that is where it was) in ROTK, we all know he was shot with arrows and dragged back to Minas Tirith by his horse. forgive me if some details are off. this is the challege for your readers/writers: what were Faramir's thoughts, feelings, etc. while he was in battle, when he was wounded and on his way back to MT? also, when Denethor nearly burned his butt on the pyre (, what was he thinking about or feeling? i believe that he was indeed on some level of consciousness, perhaps even slightly hallucinatory. Pippin was the first to notice he was alive, and ran to Gandalf so they could go back and save him, and then later he was healed by Aragorn. i think, perhaps, he was thinking about Boromir, his father, maybe even Mithrandir, all those friendships, etc. maybe he was soo on the verge of death, that he had a vision of his brother and was just slightly comatose. never know, huh? i do hope your writers take up this challenge, for it would be a very emotional, passionate, deep spiritual read for all of you. a hottie like Faramir needs some more fanart too..hehehe. or at least photoops, better..more
Categories: FPS Characters: Faramir
Summary: In LOTR: ROTK, if i recall correctly, Faramir was wounded in one of the last battles in the movie (not sure exactly if it was on the Pelennor fields), and was dragged back to Minas Tirith by his horse. forgive me, but i only saw the third film once, so i may be a bit off on a few details. anyway, after he is dragged back, Pippin and Gandalf both notice he needs medical attention, but Denethor simply will not hear of it, and assumes his son dead, and decides to burn him AND himself alive! Pippin follows them to where they will burn Faramir, and notices a change in his breathing, showing that he is indeed alive. he runs to Gandalf and they both charge into the room, stop Denethor, and eventually Faramir is healed by Gandalf (or is it Aragorn..think it is the latter), etc. here is the challenge: from the moment Faramir began fighting with his troops on the battlefield, and when he was wounded, what do you think was going through his mind..fear, a desire to prove himself to his father one last time? or was he in desperation, or a combination of emtions, that he would die and finally be reunited with his soulmate, his brother Boromir? that would be my guess..:) also, what was going through Faramir's mind as he was dragged back to Minas Tirith (or maybe he was unconscious and woke partially in the burning chamber), and when he finally started to come to as Denethor covered him in oil and prepared to burn him? to me, Faramir looked like he was definitely in some amount of pain, just beginning to become fully aware of it, and also he looked deep in thought, close to tears. this is the challenge i propose for your group, and i believe it would be a formidable one to see online. i am not much of a writer myself, but i do know great works when i see them. good luck to you all, and keep up the fabulous work! :)
Categories: FPS Characters: Faramir
Summary: Write a Faramir/√Čomer story. It must be post Return of the King ( i.e. Aragorn is King, ) Faramir must end up riding with the Riders of Rohan, he does not know √Čowyn, or √Čowyn is not mentioned. There must be at least one scene/chapter with Faramir having flashbacks of seeing Boromir dead, and/or Denethor sending Faramir to die. That scene or chapter must have √Čomer finding Faramir and comforting him... In any way, shape, or form. ^__~
Categories: FPS > √Čomer/Faramir, FPS, FPS > Faramir/√Čomer Characters: √Čomer, Faramir
Summary: Slash, taking place after RotK. The first step, of course, is choosing the 'Other' -choices include √Čomer, Legolas, a random elf, or a random man of Gondor. No Aragorn, no Elrond, no Gimli, no hobbits, no men from Rohan besides √Čomer, just because. I want this to be a story where homosexuality is NOT widely accepted in Middle-Earth, but, rather, unheard of - actually unheard of, as in no one realizes it's POSSIBLE for a man to love another man. Please include no other slash pairings, but as many other hetero pairings as you'd like. The story should include many scenes of rising tension between the two, including at least one indoors, one - but preferably more - outdoors, one where the two are alone together, and one where they are in a crowd. I like imagery, hint hint. Both men should be confused about their feelings, and the writing should include some musings on these feelings. Eventually ONE should act on said feelings - they may use the influence of wine or simply their own stunning sexiness. The event can be planned or unplanned by the ready one. The other should not be prepared at this point, and the unprepared one would preferably be Faramir. At this point, said unprepared one can either run or retaliate, in anger or love. Later, BOTH should be confused about what happened. Eventually, one - preferably not Faramir - tells someone about what they feel, but whether they tell the reaction of the other is up to you. If you have chosen √Čomer, he should tell one of the men of Rohan. Said man of Rohan should not approve, but keep his trap shut, because he knows what's good for him. ^_^ Legolas, he should tell Gimli. Gimli may or may not approve but, out of respect to his friend, should not say a thing. A random elf, he should tell another random elf. You decide about their reaction, but, again, they should not say anything... yet. A random man of Gondor, he should tell anyone. You can choose! Preferably not √Čowyn, though, as that would spoil the fun. However, whomever it is that he tells can react in ANY WAY, including telling someone - maybe because they're worried for their friend. Or, perhaps, they won't tell, because they think this person has gone insane and would rather not deal with it. Or maybe they're mute and can't. ^_^ Whatever you want! At this point, it's pretty much up to you. Eventually someone -probably √Čowyn - important should find out by some means, and should react majorly. I shall say no more beyond this. Overall, make it a sweet, romantic thing, maybe with a bit of humor, but not too much so as to make it an all-our humor fic. Add some adventure of some sort if you'd like, or angst in Faramir's constant musings of his betrayal of √Čowyn. I've said enough now, that's the end of this plot bunny!
Categories: FPS Characters: Faramir
Summary: I dare anyone to write a fic. about Feanor and Thingol, these two would be red hot dynamite together. Feanor and Thingol finally meet (can be anywhere/anyplace) multiage would be most appropriate, as long it's NC17, would like Feanor in dominant role as Thingol gives me the distinct impression of being a weak coward.
Categories: FPS Characters: F√ęanor, Thingol
Summary: There is this one fic I'm dying to read, but don't have the talent to write myself. Why, oh why, has no one done an Arwen/Elanor fic? Doesn't it say in the book that Sam & Rosie's oldest daughter Elanor went to serve Lady Arwen as one her maids? Well, what if she was more than a maid? I don't really care what rating this ends up as, I just think it would make an interesting fic.
Categories: Femslash > Elanor/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Elanor Characters: Arwen, Elanor
Summary: Arwen has always been very sexually active since she was very young, and has had a lot of both male and female lovers. Now that she has betrothed Aragorn at Cerin Amroth, she feels ashamed of her past life, and she thinks the best way to clean her mind would be to tell everything about that affaires to Galadriel. At first, her grandmother listen to her calmly, but little by little she feels more and more aroused by Arwen’s descriptions, until she can’t resist it no more and jumps over Arwen and... well, imagine what can happen next.
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Galadriel Characters: Arwen, Galadriel
Summary: I'd like to see Eowyn and a dildo, while on horseback.
Categories: FPS Characters: √Čowyn
Summary: Entitled 'Nenai'. Galadriel is frustrated because her husband Celeborn is such a dork. For example, he's more interested in his solanaceous herb-panopticum than in her. She tries to seduce him several times but fails. So she needs a little time out and meets Melian and Goldberry to whom she complaints about Celeborn. The two women comfort poor Galadriel with a threesome and knock her up. Galadriel whereas has no idea who might be the mother of her child Celebrían, neither have the other elves. Notes: -f/f-preg -threesome -first time -no het R or NC-17
Categories: FPS Characters: Galadriel
Summary: Dual-perspective fiction, with Celebrían/Melian in Valinor and Elrond/Glorfindel in Middle-earth. Shortly after the parting of El and Cel. Both are lonely and need someone to love. (ABSOLUTELY NO non-con, explicit preferred but any rating accepted.)
Categories: FPS, FPS > Elrond/Glorfindel, FPS > Glorfindel/Elrond Characters: Celebrían, Elrond, Glorfindel, Melian
Summary: This pairing idea has been driving me up the wall, so I've given up trying to write it: Aredhel/Amarie.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aredhel
Summary: After leaving Gondolin, Aredhel goes to Nargothrond and seduces her young and innocent niece.
Categories: Femslash > Finduilas/Aredhel, FPS, Femslash > Aredhel/Finduilas Characters: Aredhel, Finduilas of Nargothrond
Summary: I haven't seen this anywhere, but it makes sense.
Categories: FPS Characters: Earwen, Nerdanel
Summary: Because lesbian erotic goddess worship is exactly what Tolkien deserves ;-)
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Elbereth, FPS, Femslash > Elbereth/Galadriel Characters: Elbereth, Galadriel
Summary: √Čowyn needs to be shown that a woman can fight and also love, and who could teach her better than Galadriel?
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/√Čowyn, FPS, Femslash > √Čowyn/Galadriel Characters: √Čowyn, Galadriel
Summary: In the early days of Arda, Melian finds the she-elf to be too hard to resist, even for a Maia.
Categories: Femslash > Melian/Galadriel, FPS, Femslash > Galadriel/Melian Characters: Galadriel, Melian
Summary: Keeping each other warm on the Helcarax√ę.
Categories: FPS Characters: Galadriel
Summary: After Beren's death and before her plea in the Halls of Mandos, L√ļthien goes to Nienna for counsel, and gets comforted in ways she never expected.
Categories: FPS Characters: L√ļthien, Nienna
Summary: Mother is drawn to her singing daughter, and decides to give L√ļthien her first taste of sexual pleasure.
Categories: FPS Characters: L√ļthien, Melian
Summary: Preferably interspecies, NOT Arwen/√Čowyn (no offense, but there's plenty of that pairing). For example, Galadriel/Fimbrethil the Entwife or Arwen/Elanor Gamgee. Need not be explicit, but should be in character. Extra points for humor.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Elanor, Fimbrethil, Galadriel
Summary: L√ļthien had to steal the Messenger of Sauron's shapeshifting cloak from Tol-in-Gaurhoth in order to assume her bat-winged shape. Did they meet? Did they fight? Did they strike a deal? Did L√ļthien like getting in touch with her dark side?
Categories: FPS Characters: L√ļthien, Thuringwethil
Summary: After being married for some years, Arwen is quite happy with her life as the Queen of Gondor, but misses Rivendell and her family and friends. One day, while she is riding back to the palace, she sees a beautiful young maiden in the streets. The girl resembles a friend Arwen had when she was growing up in Rivendell, and so she approaches her and asks her if she wants to become her handmaiden. She gladly accepts, and both women go to live together in the palace. They become not only lady and handmaiden, but close friends. Arwen teaches her Sindarin and they call each other Elvish names; the Queen feels like if she has recovered some of her Elvish past. But there is a problem: the old friend who her handmaiden resembles was Arwen's first love, and so it's very difficult for the Queen to see her handmaiden only as a friend...
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: Arwen and Aragorn are happily married, but their sexual life is not as satisfactory as it used to be. In fact, Aragorn can only get aroused after Arwen tells him stories about her youth, when she used to make love to young elven maidens, both in Rivendell and in L√≥rien. While reviving her memories, Arwen realizes she misses the touch of a female body, and decides she is going to take a lover. But who can she choose? √Čowyn? Her lady-in-waiting? A Gondorian maiden? A peasant?
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: Elrond decides it's time for Arwen to marry, and chooses Legolas as the husband. Arwen is not very happy about that, because she believes in true love, and she convinces her father to spend some months in Gondor alone with a lady-in-waiting, to learn more about life before the marriage. In Minas Tirith she conceals her elven condition and falls in love with a Gondorian girl. Elrond hears some news about that and goes to Gondor with some of his men, brings Arwen back home, and decides to celebrate the wedding as soon as possible. Arwen has now given up all her fantasies about true love, and silently waits near the altar for Legolas to come and begin the ceremony. But wait! That's not Legolas. It's her Gondorian lover! Inspired by Eddie Murphy's film 'Coming to America' xD.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: We all know Elrond wasn't very happy after he discovered the love between Arwen and Aragorn, and that he told the Ranger that he would have Arwen with one condition: he had to become first King of Gondor and Arnor. What Tolkien didn't tell us is the condition Elrond arranged for his daughter: every year after becoming queen she would have to deflower the seven prettiest girls in Minas Tirith. That way, she thought, some human parents would know what it was to have your daughter seduced by someone of another race. Arwen thought it was hard but fair, and every year, with increasingly pleasure, and thanks to her elven beauty and her charm, she manages to seduce the seven girls. With time, the legend of the beautiful queen grows between the teenage girls of the city, and everyone of them dreams of being chosen by her. Of course, Aragorn hears something about it, but he thinks it's just a tale. But what happens the year her elder daughter develops into a beautiful maiden? She is obviously one of the seven prettiest girls in Minas Tirith.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: One night, a very innocent Arwen sees her parents making love. The next day, she asks her mother what they were doing last night in their chambers. Celebrían, a bit embarrassed, tries to explain her that when you love someone you kiss him and you do * other* things with him. Then Arwen asks her mother if she doesn't love her, because they never do such things together. Celebrían tries to explain her that the love between a mother and a daughter is different, but Arwen doesn't believe her and begins to cry, so Celebrían, not wanting to lose her daughter's affection, has to surrender to her wishes. It would be funny if finally we see that Arwen was really more perverted than innocent.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Celebrían
Summary: Arwen finds her life as Aragorn's wife lonely, as he often leaves her alone to perform his duties. Yet life begins to be more interesting when Elanor Gamgee is sent to be her maid of honor. Arwen/Elanor.
Categories: Femslash > Elanor/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Elanor Characters: Arwen, Elanor
Summary: The night before her wedding, Arwen is worried about the feelings of √Čowyn towards Aragorn, so she goes to her chamber to speak with her and put things clear. While the conversation takes place, √Čowyn discovers amazed that it's neither the Steward nor the King of Gondor she is attracted to, but the Queen! Better R or NC-17.
Categories: Femslash > √Čowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/√Čowyn Characters: Arwen, √Čowyn
Summary: Arwen travels to Rohan and fights in Helm's Deep (you know, as it was originally meant to be in the movies). There, she meets √Čowyn, who of course hates her, because she sees her as the woman that keeps Aragorn away from her. Later, when the army of Rohan is riding to Gondor, Arwen is the only one who recognizes √Čowyn's disguise, and she talks to her the whole time. √Čowyn realizes she is a good woman, and they become friends. Then, they fight together in the fields of Pelennor, they get injured, and they recover at the Houses of Healing. There they talk a lot, and √Čowyn realizes she didn't love Aragorn, but his glory. What neither of them realizes is that her friendship has evolved into something deeper: love. One day, after the war is over, Aragorn and Arwen are getting married before thousands of people in Minas Tirith, but just then Arwen looks deep into her heart and finds that it is √Čowyn who she really loves, and so she tells everybody. Aragorn, although broken-hearted, is generous, and suggests not to stop the wedding, but simply put √Čowyn in his place. The lady from Rohan willfully accepts, and the first lesbian wedding in the history of Middle-earth takes place in Minas Tirith.
Categories: Femslash > √Čowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/√Čowyn Characters: Arwen, √Čowyn
Summary: Eowyn is jealous of Arwen. They mudwrestle. End up as something more than friends... Rated R or above, no serious bloodshed, happy ending.
Categories: Femslash > √Čowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/√Čowyn Characters: Arwen, √Čowyn
Summary: Long ago, in the realm of Doriath, Galadriel and L√ļthien Tin√ļviel loved each other for many years. This romance came to an end when L√ļthien found Beren, and Galadriel forced herself into a loveless marriage with Celeborn just to forget her old lover. Now, 4000 years later, she is in Lothl√≥rien waiting to meet her full-grown granddaughter, Arwen Evenstar, for the first time. The moment Galadriel see her can't help but call her: 'Tin√ļviel, Tin√ļviel!', for Arwen possesses the beauty of L√ļthien. Feeling she has been given a second chance, she tries to seduce Arwen, who in the beginning is reluctant due to the incest taboo, but finally she can't resist. You can add a bit of tension later on showing how Arwen is unsure whether she is being loved by herself or if she is only L√ļthien's ghost for Galadriel.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Galadriel
Summary: It has to be between Arwen and Galadriel but at first Arwen has to have no idea that Galariel is her grandmother and on her first trip to Lothlorien, Arwen forms a bond with Galadriel and when Arwen returns home, her father tells her that Galadriel is her grandmother. at some stage the story has to involve Elrond walking in on Arwen and Galadriel either 'bonding' or sleeping together.
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Galadriel Characters: Arwen, Galadriel
Summary: Completely AU. Rewrite the "In the house of Tom Bombadil" chapter (of course you don't have to make it so long). But without Tom Bombadil. Why? Because, as we all know, Goldberry is an openly lesbian that lives in the Old Forest with her lover Arwen (we don't want Aragorn in this fic. Go away, you stupid Ranger!) . When the Hobbits arrive, the ladies teach them (can be graphic) that it's not wrong to love someone of your own sex. Of course, our four friends are quick learners!
Categories: Femslash > Goldberry/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Goldberry Characters: Arwen, Goldberry
Summary: Arwen gets lost while riding her horse (maybe she escaped from Rivendell to join the Fellowship?), and she is found half-dead near the Old Forest by Goldberry. While the long recovery takes part in Bombadil's house, attraction grows between the two women. It has to be very romantic and with a love-making scene at least.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Goldberry
Summary: Celebrían suddenly realizes that her daughter Arwen has become the most glorious sight in Middle-Earth. She tries to resist the temptation, because she knows it's wrong to love your own daughter, but she can't. What will Arwen do when she knows the truth? I think poor Celebrían deserves at least one fanfic, and what better companion than beautiful Arwen?
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Celebrían
Summary: Elanor Gamgee is lady-in-waiting to Queen Arwen Und√≥miel, and she's mostly very happy there, but just a little bit disappointed. She's always secretly envied her father's adventuring past (having no idea how terrible it really was), and she was hoping for more stories about battle and honor and derring-do, but the ladies at court don't talk about things like that at all! So she's delighted to meet a real former warrior-woman, the King and Queen's dear friend the Lady √Čowyn. Now, √Čowyn's a bit sad about her past and doesn't usually like to talk about it, but with a bit of persistent hobbit prodding she opens up and talks, and even revisits her former self enough to teach Elanor some riding and sword work. Maybe they even have to really fight something; maybe this training saves their lives. Anyway of course it leads to other things... yay for warrior-bonds between women!
Categories: Femslash > √Čowyn/Elanor, FPS, Femslash > Elanor/√Čowyn Characters: Elanor, √Čowyn
Summary: A teenage Gilraen is sent to Rivendell to be safe from Orc attacks. There she falls in love with Arwen, and the Elven Princess, much to her own surprise, feels the same about her. So they live happily for a few years, loving each other in secret, until Gilraen's parents force her to marry Arathorn. Arwen, desperate, moves to Lórien, where her sorrow is eased as time goes by. Some years later, she returns to Rivendell and finds a 20-year-old ranger called Aragorn; she also finds Gilraen, his mother, and when they meet again they discover what they have known all these years: they still love each other. But is it now too late for them?
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Gilraen
Summary: Aragorn and Arwen's twin daughters hear some strange stories about their uncles Elladan and Elrohir, and decide to explore the wonderful world of twincest.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: It can be short and sweet or long and smutty. I don't really care. Any rating but I'd prefer no NC-17. Bonus points if you add Finarfin in and make it a threesome ^_^
Categories: FPS > Fingolfin/F√ęanor, FPS, FPS > F√ęanor/Fingolfin Characters: F√ęanor, Fingolfin
Summary: Figwit and Legolas are taken as prisoners for Isengard but after time one of them is taken as a pleasure slave and the prisoner is tormented with his companions screams. The prisoner make an escape to save his friend from the terrible assaults and is successful but the escape is difficult. Then the two head to an elven land. The one who became the pleasure slave is slowly slipping and the other has to do all he can to keep his companion alive and the last thing that is needed is sex to heal him. Only a few requirements and a few notes, if you want mpreg then have whoever is getting pregnant with his savior's child, sexual scenes can be explicit (extra points awarded for angstyness, kinkiness and total torment) and those are pretty much the only requirements. Your choice on who gets to become the slave and the elven land is your choice as well. If you want a sweet passionate sex scene the extra points to you for that. Good luck and have fun.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Figwit, FPS, FPS > Figwit/Legolas Characters: Figwit (Melpomaen), Legolas
Summary: Figwit's life has been a total disaster and he's been wandering endlessly around Middle Earth to find peace. He has trusted no one for who knows how long but al of that changes when he meets Legolas. All goes well until Legolas is chosen to become part of the Fellowship. You can take any direction you want with this story but there is one restriction. No mpreg and that is all. Everything else is fine. Rating should be PG-13 or higher.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Figwit, FPS, FPS > Figwit/Legolas Characters: Figwit (Melpomaen), Legolas
Summary: Silmarillion based: When Fingolfin speaks to his father against F√ęanor, F√ęanor is angered and threatens him with his blade. But he still isn't satisfied that his half brother will not do so again. So, that night, he goes to he sneaks into Fingolfin's room to teach him a lesson... Rated R or NC-17, depending on how much detail you decided to put in.
Categories: FPS > F√ęanor/Fingolfin, FPS, FPS > Fingolfin/F√ęanor Characters: F√ęanor, Fingolfin
Summary: In the Silmarillion, Maedhros, gives the crown to Fingolfin, as well as 50 horses and other supplies. What if in the course of this deal, Fingolfin traded Fingon to him, to be used as a vassal, or whatever. Fic would be about the result of this arrangement. Would be especially good if Fingon is not so happy with this situation.(Who would like being sold by their father?) Any rating is fine.
Categories: FPS > Maedhros/Fingon, FPS, FPS > Fingon/Maedhros Characters: Fingon, Maedhros
Summary: No idea how it would work, but damn they'd be cute together.
Categories: FPS Characters: Finrod, Maeglin
Summary: While scouting Mirkwood, Something to Legolas and four of his friends (OC). Their behavior changes dramatically, they are quiet, seductive, and heartless. Thranduil asks Elrond for help and he, Glorfindel, and the Twins come to Mirkwood (the Twins are already friends with Legolas). Must include a fivesome (yes, a fivesome. Please be graphic) with Legolas and his four Mirkwood friends. The twins walk in on them and Legolas tries to convince them to join in.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: The Steward goes to the Wood of Greenleaves on a diplomatic mission to discuss the details of the Elven settlement that King Thranduil’s son wants to set up in Ithilien. Much as Faramir is fascinated by the Fair Folk, he knows little of them and is much worried their ways may be so different from those of Men, that it will be difficult for the two peoples to comfortably coexist. Sensing his unease, the receiving side (which may include Prince Legolas himself, if you like) eagerly sets to eliminating all gaps in Faramir’s knowledge of the Elven life-style.
Categories: FPS, FPS > Faramir/? Characters: None
Summary: It's crazy, it's nutty, but I'd love to see something fun involving Pippin and Elrond during FotR. Movie or book canon.
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Elrond, FPS, FPS > Elrond/Pippin Characters: Elrond, Pippin
Summary: I'm sure this has probably been done a dozen times, but I only just thought of it! One of the Fellowship finds out that their lover is actually one of their parents. Extra points if they find out the traditional 'Star Wars' way ;-)
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: Faramir and √Čowyn's son meets Aragorn and Arwen's. Be they teenagers or adults, they first have a rivalry... 'My father's better!' 'No, mine is!' ...but, that eventually becomes friendship when the parents... well, one way or another get them to be friends. The boys, though, end up as more than friends...
Categories: FPS Characters: None