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Summary: Tell of the secret lives of the Valar that the legends of Valinor *don't* talk about. *How* close are Manw and Ingw? What does Yavanna do in her garden besides tending the plants? How rowdy do Orom's hunting parties get? Is there someone who occasionally dries Nienna's tears? What dirty pictures does Vair sneak into her tapestries? Is there a resident of Halls of Waiting that is the lover of Mandos? Are wild seas only Oss's temper or are he, Ulmo and Uinen getting up to something else under the waves? I would prefer if the canon marital relationships are stable but open to side affairs. Slash, femslash, het and threesomes welcome but preferably keep the het to either the canon marital relationships or as part of the threesomes. Any maiar or elves you care to think of can be included.
Categories: FPS Characters: Ingw, Manw, Nienna, Orom