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Summary: Set during 'The Hobbit'. Balin doesn't seem to take much notice of Bilbo before their journey through Mirkwood. After that he seems to think very highly of Bilbo and they have formed a very close friendship by the time they actually get to the Lonely Mountain. What changes Balin's mind about the hobbit? This can be slash or pre-slash, although the more romance the better. No PWP or parody stories, please. Extra points for higher ratings though. Sex is good. *g*
Categories: FPS > Balin/Bilbo, FPS, FPS > Bilbo/Balin Characters: Balin, Bilbo
Summary: I want a Bilbo story pairing him with a Hobbit, Man or Elf. It can be in any time-frame as long as it's a sweet, in-character fic. Any rating PG or higher. A couple thousand thank-you's to whoever writes this!
Categories: FPS Characters: Bilbo
Summary: Why are there no Gaffer/Bilbo slash stories? I can't believe nobody ever writes them, when Frodo and Sam are everywhere! I think the Gaffer/Bilbo story should parallel Frodo/Sam to an extent; and I want it to be Long. Must have at least 3 parts, preferably 4. The first should take place after one or both of Bilbo's parents die. Now, I don't a weepy Bilbo, I really don't, but I would like to see some *comfort* from the Gaffer, sexual or not as you please. The second part should take place after The Hobbit, but before Frodo comes to live at Bag End. The Gaffer's not married yet. This is when the Relationship really catches flame, if you catch my drift :-0 Can be as romantic and/or angsty as you like, but nothing too corny either way, please. I don't like Corn. However, I do like foreplay, *hint hint*, seduction is better still *hint, HINT*. Can end up as hot and steamy as you want. Third part takes place after Frodo's at Bag End and after Gaffer's married, and has kids. Does Sam himself exist yet? How old? That's up to you. I think I would like to see someone play with this. But I demand that some discussion of the Gaffer's kids comes up, hopefully a semi-romantic comment, like: 'wouldn't it be funny if your kid and my kid...' However, can be angsty. Now, how does this Relationship end? Could there be a fight? A tearful break-up? Ha ha, I leave all decisions for part 4 up to You! Work with Book canon here please, which means that Bilbo and the Gaffer are not together by the time Bilbo leaves - or at least, not as far as the narrator (i.e. Frodo) knows! Hopefully part 4 will take place some time in 1401, when Bilbo leaves the Shire for good.
Categories: FPS Characters: Bilbo, Gaffer Gamgee