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Summary: Tolkien character Oromė/Tilion slash fic set in some past age before the Maia Tilion is selected as guardian of the Silver flower and when the Vala Oromė is just beginning to hang out in the east of Middle Earth with the Elves, before they have marched west and split into separate hosts. There should be some wordplay involving the meaning of their names. Oromė perhaps being translated 'horn blower' or 'horn blast' or the like and Tilion 'horned'. Perhaps the crescent form of the moon was seen as horns as on a bull, and also lent the 'silver bow' symbol to Tilion. Vana, who is sometimes called Oromė's wife, is designated his professional helpmate rather than a lover or wife. A time when all manner of fell beasts endanger creation and the newly made Elves and Oromė the Huntsman, who loves the Elves, and Tilion of the Silver Bow, who is his companion, set out to hunt the beasts. Oromė is passionate. To put it kindly: he can be quick to anger, but he is good to Elves and to animals. He particularly likes Horses and Dogs and, Men would domesticate these creatures by his example. Sometimes Oromė rides off to speak to other Gods, but most times he lives in the woods and on plains, training his followers in the ways of hunting fell creatures and often he dwells among the Elves, as one people in the east. Tilion is more youthful in action and appearance and a follower in Oromė's hunting party, quite skilled with the bow. He loves silver and had jewelry of this metal and later, when a guardian is needed for the Moon, he begs for the job, because he loves its silvery light. When in the realm of the gods, Tilion often visits the domain of the Vala sometimes called 'Dream' and his helpmate 'Rest'. Tilion lies dreaming by the pool of Rest when Oromė first meets him. He is clothed only with droplets of water remaining from his bath in the pool, and his jewelry. His skin was moon-pale and his hair dark, like the Moon would be in shadow. When he opens his eyes they were grey, as those common in the Elves Oromė holds precious. Oromė is struck by this youthful and beautiful god and desires to share himself with him, for of course the Vala also express affection in this manner [physical sexual relations for the purpose of mutual pleasure between those who are friends and not necessarily with emotional attachment]. And Tilion accepts the offer, for Oromė is one of the eight most powerful gods under The Creator and Tilion is enchanted by his rugged appearance and green woodsman's garb. Oromė is very like a Ranger and Men of that institution often live in his example and swear by his name. Oromė and Tilion had shared themselves with each other near the pool. [There is meant to be use of so-called 'Elvish Euphemism' in which sexual acts are spoken of by characters only in heavily symbolic and flowery euphemism, but the narration need not use the same language that the characters would use in dialogue.] Then Oromė takes Tilion with him on his white horse and rides over the ocean to the east where he loves to spend time and makes him a member of his hunting party and they are close companions thereafter. Even today, as Tilion is steering the Moon across the sky, you can often see the Great Huntsman, Oromė on his way to visit his lover there. [Constellation 'Orion'] Oromė and Tilion have adventures hunting demons, save each other from attacks and use their various skills to slay the demons. There are giant spiders, demons of fire, and many other terrible creatures. And even being gods, when manifested as flesh, Oromė and Tilion both can be wounded. Of course they both know well how to tend wounds in the field and to treat evil wounds from dark and enchanted weaponry. When Tilion is feverish with poison, Oromė stays at his bedside and sings to him, for all his kind sing most beautifully. Tilion is near mindless with the venom and his body weak, but he fixes his mind on Oromė's song and fights to return to him as Oromė tends his body. And then Tilion regains ability to move and clarity of mind and Oromė is joyful and embraces him. And when Tilion is strong again they go out and avenge themselves against the spiders and Tilion slays one of the largest with a single arrow from his bow. And then in celebration they went to the Elf village and had a few drinks and danced and lay their swords aside each other before going to bed. [There is meant to be much symbolism of swords laying aside each other and horns being blown and all sorts of moon symbolism and pagan lord of the hunt symbolism in the story.]
Categories: FPS Characters: Oromė
Summary: Tell of the secret lives of the Valar that the legends of Valinor *don't* talk about. *How* close are Manwė and Ingwė? What does Yavanna do in her garden besides tending the plants? How rowdy do Oromė's hunting parties get? Is there someone who occasionally dries Nienna's tears? What dirty pictures does Vairė sneak into her tapestries? Is there a resident of Halls of Waiting that is the lover of Mandos? Are wild seas only Ossė's temper or are he, Ulmo and Uinen getting up to something else under the waves? I would prefer if the canon marital relationships are stable but open to side affairs. Slash, femslash, het and threesomes welcome but preferably keep the het to either the canon marital relationships or as part of the threesomes. Any maiar or elves you care to think of can be included.
Categories: FPS Characters: Ingwė, Manwė, Nienna, Oromė