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Summary: Frodo/Orc or Frodo/Uruk. It can be in any setting, any justification, but it has to be after the ring has had some time to work on his mind. He is somehow captured by the Orc/Uruk, and rape, BDSM, much general NC-17 nastiness ensues. After a lot of this, Frodo finds some means to kill the Orc/Uruk. It doesn't matter if this allows him to escape or not. But I want the Ring to enjoy the whole process. It should enjoy the topping, and the breaking of Frodo's spirit and innocence (he's a virgin to this point), and enjoy his first killing of a sentient being. He can feel its enjoyment. Dark is good.
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Orcs & Uruk-hai
Summary: I'd like to see an mpreg story involving an Uruk-hai. Perhaps it's a part of their design, or the result of something else; preferably happening sometime after the War of the Ring is over and done with, and with a happy ending.
Categories: FPS Characters: Orcs & Uruk-hai
Summary: Hmm... I was thinking of something perhaps along the lines of a NICE Uruk-hai (that's a first... does such a thing even exist?) and someone appallingly adorable, like Legolas or Pippin... Vast quantities of bonus points for using the word 'Spankmuffin' in the fic, and if the nice little Orc is accosted by more than one cutie at once. The naughtier the better. Enough bonus points to drown in will be awarded to anyone who makes this both funny and angsty... at the same time!
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas, Orcs & Uruk-hai, Pippin
Summary: Any threesome involving an Orc or Uruk-hai. x)
Categories: FPS Characters: Orcs & Uruk-hai
Summary: You know this scene where the Orcs run into the forest and are never seen again? *laugh* Well... the trees are missing their wives so they should be very sexually frustrated, and if you saw the SEE of the two towers you should have heard these suspicious sounds... *g* Well, long story short: I want an tree/Orc rape orgie! Well... a friend of mine had the idea to make a musical of it (because they always sing in the book)... but you don't need to make one out of that! ^_~
Categories: FPS Characters: Ent, Orcs & Uruk-hai
Summary: In 'The Art of 'The Two Towers'', it says that the Uruk-hai 'would have painted each other', that is, painted the White Hand on each other before going into battle. Take this idea and run with it...just please nothing TOO squicky...
Categories: FPS Characters: Orcs & Uruk-hai