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Summary: Just before the Battle of Helm's Deep begins, King Théoden is restless and worried about his people. Aragorn realizes this, and thinks he knows how to cool the King's nerves. The King, however, doesn't want this, but Isildur's heir can't quite see that. Aragorn/Théoden, NC17. If you want lots of brownie points, make a sequel in which it becomes Aragorn/Legolas, after Aragorn 'takes a tumble' off the cliff (NC17 or R). Movie verse canon if possible.
Categories: FPS > Théoden/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Théoden Characters: Aragorn, Théoden
Summary: Denethor, Théoden and Celeborn are bored rulers in an alternative universe, but they share an uncommon hobby: they breed carrier pigeons. Every year they hold a meeting to have their pigeons compete against each other. This year, Théoden is host to the annual meeting (they take turns). Both Celeborn and Théoden are most frustrated that Denethor's pigeons always seem to win. Once they are in Mordor (the traditional place for the take-off), and the competition is about to start, Celeborn notices that Denethor's pigeons are doped. Naturally, Denethor denies this, but Celeborn insists the three rulers try the drug themselves. Back in Edoras, they make generous use of the drug which turns out to be quite a powerful aphrodisiac when used by humans, which (surprise!) results in a massive 'orgia' (with possibly Gríma discovering the three. You are free to choose whether the latter is horrified or discovers his hidden passion for voyeurism). The birds match their owners with regard to their character traits: Théoden: docile and overly confiding Celeborn: very slow, but reliable Denethor: cunning and aggressive Notes: R or NC-17; threesome; possibly humor.
Categories: FPS Characters: Celeborn, Denethor, Théoden
Summary: I once read an Aragorn/Théoden fic here and I loved it. Now I want to see young ThÉoden with Denethor.
Categories: FPS Characters: Denethor, Théoden