Up Against the Trees of Lothlorien by Princess Lauren E Scavenger

Rated: Mature Audience [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar
Summary: The response to a dare by a friend of mine to slash dwarf and man. Blame it on the plotbunnies.
Category: FPS > Legolas/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Gimli, FPS > Gimli/Aragorn, FPS > Haldir/Legolas
Characters: Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas
Type: None
Warning: None
Series: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 591 | Read count: 356

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Published: July 25, 2011 | Updated: July 25, 2011