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Summary: In the RotK movie Pippin looks into the Palantir and after several torturous moments he is finally wrenched free. He says only, 'He hurt me'. I would like to see a story that goes into exactly HOW Sauron hurt Pippin during those few seconds, whether it be purely angst and psychological torture, or BDSM, slash, whatever tickles your fancy. My only requirement is that poor little Pippin is suffering and scared out of his mind. (in other words: he doesn't enjoy any of it.) I'd love to see different takes on this, so if more than one person would like to adopt this forlorn little challenge.
Categories: FPS Characters: Pippin
Summary: I would like to see a slashy fic involving the Mouth of Sauron in all his evil glory... involving Frodo perhaps? The pairing is up to you, but the darker the story the better.
Categories: FPS Characters: Mouth of Sauron