Friends are Forever by Carhuine Malthenel

Eomer carried Legolas back inside the keep and to the healing wing. Eowyn started as the door burst open. She stared in shock as Eomer laid the unconscious elf on the bed.

"'Wyn go find Lord Elrond. Now!" Eomer shouted.

Nodding Eowyn ran off as Eomer stripped off the elf's tunic. Cursing Eomer cleaned up the small wound. The door opened and Elrond entered followed by Eowyn. Eomer stepped back and allowed the Lord to inspect his lover. Elrond noticed the wound but he knew that was not all that was wrong with his beloved.

"What were you two talking about?" he asked as he put a salve on the wound and bandaged it.

"Grima." Eomer spat the man's name as if it was venomous.

Elrond sighed and placed his hands on Legolas's head. After a few minutes Elrond frowned.

"Saruman has placed a spell on him. He is using what Grima did to him......he is lost in darkness." Elrond said as he stood angrily. "Watch out for him please Lady Eowyn."

With that Elrond left the room and Eomer followed.

"Where are you going?" he asked the elf lord.

"Isenguard." He said sharply.

"I wish to come with you."

Elrond noddedandaandalf and Aragorn will come also. Ready some horses please Eomer."

Eomer nodded and left the keep; he he out out to the stables and ordered three horses prepared. Gandalf would undoubtedly ride his mount, Shadowfax. While the young horse lord was in the stables Elrond found Aragorn and Gandalf. He quickly explains what is going on and asked them to ride to Isenguard with him and Eomer. They agreed and said they would make ready. Aragorn told Gimli and Gimli swore to help Eowyn keep Legolas alive. Within the hour the four of them were off and riding toward Isenguard. They rode hard and were able to reach Isenguard as evening approached.
Chapter end notes: Sorry it's so short.
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