The Ugly Elfling by Milly
Summary: A young man runs away from home and faces a few adventures before he meets people that actually understand him.
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Story Notes:
You'll find my notes later, I do not wish to spoil the whole story more than it is spoiled by being written by me. ;) I would love to get feedback though I hope that I answered the most questions you might have had in my notes below this story.

1. Prologue by Milly

2. Chapter 1 by Milly

3. Chapter 2 by Milly

4. Chapter 3 by Milly

5. Chapter 4 by Milly

6. Chapter 5 by Milly

7. Chapter 6 by Milly

8. Chapter 7 by Milly

9. Chapter 8 by Milly

10. Chapter 9 by Milly

11. Chapter 10 by Milly

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14. Chapter 13 by Milly

15. Notes by Milly

Prologue by Milly
"Ya're dumb." The men in front of him spit the words and he didn't see the hurt expression on the youngster's face.

"Ya're dumb and ugly. Ya can't even pretend to listen to what I'm telling ya. Stop staring at the trees. Looks as if ya were longing to climb 'em and you've brought enough disgrace already. Even ma'll give up hope that ya'll get sane and start acting like a farmer. Ya know how patient she's been with ya."

The young one looked up at his brother and a silent tear dropped to the ground. "I am sorry about letting the horses go. They... they needed a break, I could not bear seeing them suffer like that. It is too.."

"What they need is for dad to decide or for me, but not for my stupid little bro. They're able to work hard. They can do it without breaks. They for sure don't need to run around and spend energy on useless games."

"But they are living creatures. We have to treat them with respect and talk to them. They..."

"Oh go, climb that tree and break yer neck. I care not. Just get out of my sight with yer silly ideas!"

"Please, I..." "Get out of my sight I said. And be sure that I don't get to see ya until tomorrow morning!"

He nodded, trying to hide his fear, but when his brother threw a stone in his direction he started to run.
Chapter 1 by Milly
He ran without thinking. Not caring to look back just once and when he finally broke down he realized that he didn't know which way he had taken. As if to express his mood rain started to drop and he felt relief seeing it darken the night even more. He had always enjoyed rain, he wasn't scared of any kind of weather and he thought that it was one of the reasons that made his siblings think that he was dumb. None of them would go outside while it was raining if not to do necessary tasks they could not defer. They used to laugh at him while his mother was shaking her head sadly, trying to deny that her youngest son was a stupid little fool. His mind slipped into the world of dreams sooner than it would have if he hadn't been running for some hours.

When he awoke the rain had stopped again and only a few clouds could be seen through the branches of the trees. He got up and looked around. The forrest looked friendly and warm to him. But despite that he noticed that his stomache was hurting with hunger and he realized that being all alone in a big forrest with all the possible dangers wasn't his only problem. He had neither food nor anything to drink with him and he didn't know this part of the forrest well enough to know where he could at least find some water to still the thirst that was burning in his throat. He started to walk around carefully for he didn't wish to disturb the animals. Not the big once that could cause him harm and neither the small ones that would be scared if he would run around without looking at the way. He also didn't think that it would be the right thing to despair. His only chance was to trust on his instincts. For he believed his siblings when they said that he was stupid and ugly, but he didn't believe that he wasn't able to survive on his own if he could just find a little water.

He didn't remember for how long he had been wandering through the forrest when he again felt that his legs were tired and it was starting to get dark again. After a while he finally gave in and sat down to take another rest when he heard water. Water running through the forrest. He wondered why he had not heard it before but did not care for long. Quickly he ran towards it and dropped to the ground to drink without any thought.
Chapter 2 by Milly
When he looked up again after several moments a couple of men had gathered around him and watched him. "A farmer kid. Nothing worth the trouble."

"How old are you kid?" They laughed. He watched them fearfully, pretending neither to hear nor to understand what they were saying. "He's too stupid to understand."

"Guess nobody took the time to teach such an ugly little boy."

"We could teach him how to serve us."

"We could also teach him how to.."

"You'd wish to lie with such a kid? You might get even more sicknesses than you already carry!" He still watched them not daring to move to attract any attention to himself. Maybe they would just leave him alone if he pretended not to be any use. Though he knew perfectly well that there was no real chance in that. He saw how they started to fight but suddenly another man appeared. "Stop this now. There's no reason to fight about a filthy little boy. Talon is right, we could have him serve us. Carry stuff and fetch branches and water can't be too difficult for a kid."

The man turned to face him. "What's your name little one?" He kept silent. "Don't you think you can fool me. You're not THAT stupid."

"Did not call me by name." He did not care if he sounded as stupid as they thought he was. He was frightend and he didn't want them to find out that he had fooled them earlier. "You don't have a name? Oh well.. We'll find one for you sooner or later."

"What if they search for him?"

"A little foolish run-away? Who should search for him? Why should they want him back?"

"Why do we want him to come with us? We could just leave him out here to die."

"Don't you think that it's bad enough for him to be ugly and stupid? I say we take him with us and I won't ask whether you like my decision or not, did I make myself clear enough?"

The others nodded and the men faced him again. "You will come with us little one. Don't fear, if you are good we won't hurt you."

He nodded silently and then followed them back to their horses. He didn't dare to run and hide for he was unsure whether he would be fast enough and what they could do to him if they got him.
Chapter 3 by Milly
He grew accustomed to the days with the riders soon. From their talk he understood that they called themselves the Rohan. They were rough but also skilled warriors who would treat others as well as they deserved it. They even taught him how to use a sword, but they didn't try hard as he didn't have the needed strengh to wield one. Nevertheless their leader used to encourage him, he made him believe that it did not matter that much that he was ugly and stupid as he believed that the young boy at least had a good heart. He didn't dare to trust them though. He feared that they would laugh or even worse hit him or send him away if they found out that he did understand them much better than they thought he did.

He just came back from fetching fresh water when he heard one of them scream. "Orcs!" Then he saw their leader running towards him. "Hide lil one. We'll fight 'em. Don't get yourself killed by standing around!" So he ran and climbed a tree as fast as possible. From there he watched. The Rohan were skilled fighters, they tried hard and fought bravely. But he realized that there were too many of those big ugly creatures they had called orcs earlier. It was then when he understood what they leader of them had told him.

They would get killed. All of them, though they were fighting and no matter how skilled they were. And he would be up in the tree, waiting till the slaughter was over and crying with silent despair for they had been kinder towards him than his family had been. He watched them and he realized that he had truly liked being with those fighters. They had been rough, yes, and sometimes they had hurt his feelings with silly jokes, but they had also taken care that he wouldn't starve and protected him from danger.

When only three of the riders were left he heard an angry cry. "Daro!" He turned his head and saw them. 13 new riders appeared. Neither the orcs nor the Rohan seemed to know them but the Orcs seemed to fear them. The leader of the new arrived troup called something in a strange language and he and his party aimed their bows and shot. Only some of the Orcs stayed to fight. Most of them ran away as soon as they had eyed their new enemies. And he understood them. The new ones were skilled archers and didn't miss their aims. Another Rohan died and one of the new group fell, but now that they had arrived there was new hope that at least two of the Rohan might live. One last arrow hit its target and he heard the leader of the new group call something. Then he dismounted and walked lightly towards the two Rohan.
End Notes:
Daro = Stop
Chapter 4 by Milly
"Needed our help, did you?"

"Yes. I'm Anborn, that is Talon. Thank you for saving our lives."

"I fear I must dissapoint you. We did not come to save you. We came to protect the forrest. But it has been a pleasure to help you." He smiled warmly. "I am sorry to see that so many of your group fell. Even one of my party was wounded badly. Come, I must bid you to see my father so he can have a look at your wounds."

"Thanks for your hospatility." Anborn looked around. "Little one? Where are you? It's over now. You can come out, they're friends!"

He climbed down the tree slowly and what he had seen from up there was proved when he gracefully touched the ground. "They're beautiful." he whispered. He didn't dare to look at them directly for he feared that they would despise. He hoped that they'd ignore him, but the leader of the party turned towards him. "So at least three and not only two of your party live. You do not like me, do you? Why do you not face and answer me, mellon?" He didn't sound angry but sad. It was new to him that someone would care if he faced them. "They called me El when I was young." he whispered.

Anborn faced him. "Since when are you able to talk like an ordinary human?"

"I..." He tried to explain himself, but the sharp voice of the party leader interrupted him. "Do you think that you should talk to one of my kind like that after we just saved your lives?"

"Of your kind?"

"Are you blind? Can you not see that he is elvish?" He grinned cynically, then he faced the young one and his voice got gentler again. "Face me mellon-nin. Do not fear, I would never hurt one of my kin." So he dared to turn around and when he finally looked into the eyes of the other one he saw tears.

"Elir!" Suddenly there were arms around him and he realized that the most beautiful beeing he had ever laid eyes on was hugging him close. "Oh Elir... my foolish little Elir." He felt the other one gently stroking his hair whispering gentle words in that wonderful sounding language. It took some moments till he dared to look up again. "You... you cannot hold me mylord."

"I cannot?" The elf faced him and he seemed suprised, even a little amused. "I can. Do you not wish for me to hold you?"

"You... you must despise." Now the Elf eyed him closer and shook his head. "What reason could I have to despise seeing one of the princes of my people? Elrohir Elrondion ò Imladris you are. There could not be a reason for anyone to despise seeing the fairest being of my kin."

One of the other elves started to laugh and said something in the strange language he supposed to be elvish by now. The leader blushed slightly but in his answer there was still some amusement. "He is right of course." He laughed, facing the elf in his arms once more. "I should not speak so highly of my own blood. It might sound as if I am prouder than I should be."
End Notes:
mellon-nin = my friend
Chapter 5 by Milly
Then one of the other Elves spoke again and their leader nodded. "And again I must be thankful that my father allowed me to take some of his best soldiers with me. He is right, we should ride home and greet my father. He will be worried about Mirion. But I am sure that his happiness to see you will be beyond all measure." With those words the leader walked towards his horse again, drawing the young one with him.

He then reached out and petted the horse's back whispering towards it. "You are speaking to your horses?"

"Of course I am. Horses deserve our respect. As do all living beings. Apart from orcs and dwarves maybe." He chuckled, then eyed the prince of Rivendell again. "You're trying to get away from me. Why is that? You used to come and creep inside my bed as soon as you were able to move on your own." The elves begann to chuckle.

"I did what?!"

"Oh you can believe his words. He should know, being the person that knows you better than your parents."

"My parents do... not wish to know me."

"I would not agree to that for I have seen them wiping after you dissappeared. They have been searching you for more than 500 years, Pen-nêth."

"Men do not live... oh..." He blushed. "Mae. But you are an elf, Elrohir, not some stupid man." He turned around, facing the two men. "I am sorry, forgive me mortal ones, I did not remember that you were around."

He climbed upon his horse and pulled Elrohir with him. "You... you cannot ride with me. I am..."

"You're one of the best riders of Rivendell. Do not think that you can fool me into believing that you are not able to ride."

"He can fool people pretty well though."

"It would be a shame if he was not able to fool a couple of men. Being at least five times older than you are he should know how to make you think that he's some stupid little kid."

"I suppose that is why he did not tell us how old he is."

"No, I really do not know."

"Oh well don't worry about that for I remember it. You're 863 and in nearly two months there will be the feast to celebrate begetting day."

"To celebrate what?"

"Elves are strange..." Anborn received a glare from the elven-leader. "You will learn about all this again my sweet." he promised, kissing the raven coloured hair of the prince in his lap. "Did... were we..." Elrohir blushed. "Elrohir?"

"He wants to know if he is your lover." The elf chuckled. "Isn't that a rather indiscreet question?" Then he turned his mouth towards Elrohir's ear. "Don't worry. I just enjoy teasing them. I love you and back then you loved me too. But that doesn't mean anything if you wish to be alone. If you really want me to I would even allow you to leave my arms and ride another horse. Though I would pity not holding you." Elrohir shook his head, agreeing to stay in the warm comforting arms. "It will only take one more hour till we reach our home. Belive me, Adar will be really happy to see you again."



"You mean..."

"Did he figure it already, Elan?"

"Mae he beginns to understand."

"You are...."

Your brother, mae, my name is Elladan Elrondion, it is a pleasure to have you back my little twin."

"It's sad that you're not thinking as fast as you used to anymore pennêth."

"Oh, and this one is our annoying teacher and mentor Erestor. His favourite hobbies are appearing at moments you do not wish to see anyone and telling you his honest opinion whilst all you'd wish to hear is a lie. Apart from conspiring with Glorfindel." He smiled warmly, then pointed at his other groupmembers and presented them to his brother.

When he had ended he whistled something. "The elves of Rivendell are now warned that I am back to tortue them." The Elf whom he had presented as Erestor begann to chuckle. "Being tortued by you is a pleasure to most of us little one."

"Do not call me that. If Adar ever decides to leave his position to me I'll have a higher rank than you have."

"Oh but you have already. Being the crownprince of Rivendell gives you the power to command us poor old lords."

"What a shame that you do not care though." They begann to laugh and Elrohir who had grown worried now realized that they were just teasing each other.
End Notes:
Mae = Yes
Pen-nêth = young one
Adar = Father
Chapter 6 by Milly
They stopped when they saw two other elves riding towards them. "Elan." The ravenhaired one smiled happily. "Suilad Ada, Glorfindel." Elladan nodded towards the other elves and his affection for both them was shown. Elrond started to speak elvish till he saw the strange faces. "Forgive me. I did not know that my son brought visitors with him. You seem to need my help, please allow me to tend to your injuries." He guided them towards his city and there eyed his visitors more closely.

Suddenly he froze. There was silence for several moments. Then only one word escaped the lips of Rivendell's master. "Finally!" Without any thought of his position and the visitors he dismounted and ran towards his sons. Elladan smiled fondly, knowing exactly what his father wished the most now. "Elrohir." He carefully placed his brother into the arms of their father. "My sweet little son." Cradeling the younger elf as if he was still a baby he covered his face with kisses. "I am most grateful to see you. As is your brother I suppose."

Still holding his son he turned towards his advisiors. "Please send for my wife." Glorfindel and Erestor grinned as they had already done so earlier and at the very moment Celebrían was already running towards them. "Elrohir." Tears of happiness were running down her cheeks. "My beloved son. I am happy to have you back, yondo-nîn..." Elladan was the first to realize that his brother was feeling uncomfortable with all this unwanted attention. He dismounted quickly and walked towards his mother to greet her. "Suilad Nana." Kissing her cheeks he told her that they had to be patient with his brother and she nodded.

She just kissed her younger son's cheeks gently and spoke a few friendly words to express her joy to see him. Then she took her husband's arm and signaled him to let their son go. He did so and Elladan took his hand. Smiling towards his parents and friends he asked them to excuse his brother and himself and took him towards their rooms. "I can leave you alone if you wish. Or we can talk, if you would like to."


"I should not have taken you home so quickly. But our parents were terribly scared that something awful had happened to you. I am sorry, you're not used to their attention anymore and I should have known that you would not feel well about it."

"I... I don't mind. Please.. I don't know how to thank..."

"Hush..." A finger was placed on his lips. "It is I who has to be thankful. Having you back with me is the best present I could ever get. Um... would you mind if we took a bath before thinking about whether you would like to stay in another room or stay here?" Elrohir nodded. "Elir, I wish for you to be honest if you talk to me. I hope that I am able to get back the cheeky sweet elf we lost sooner or later. But you shouldn't force yourself to please us. You had a hard time, you should tell me what you really wish. Would you prefer to be alone?"

"N-No... I would wish for you to stay with me if you don't mind."

"Nothing could give me a greater pleasure, brother-dearest."
End Notes:
Suilad = Hello
Ada = Daddy
Nana = Mother
yondo-nin = my son
Chapter 7 by Milly
He felt a hand, stroking his hair gently. When he opened his eyes the elf stepped back a little. "I'm sorry, I didn't intend to wake you. I just had to make sure that it is not a dream that you are back." Elrohir felt a little dizzy. It took a few moments until he remembered. "Elladan?"

"Mae that's me." The other one grinned. "It is really nice of you to remember my name already. Would... would you like to get up? Do you need anything? Is there anything I could do to make you happy? Leave you alone maybe?" He winked.

"No. Please stay if you don not mind."

"I do not. There are not so many things I will have to do today. Apart from saving some lives and preventing some wars." Elrohir looked pretty impressed and Elladan burst into laughter. "Oh Elir, I am joking. What is wrong with you? I am back to stay in Imladrias for a while, till I go out again to hunt some Orcs again."

"Do you like hunting them?"

"Yes. You liked it to." Elrohir saw a slightly sad look in Elladan's eyes. "Father and mother will be happy if you're more sensible than I am now."

"You're not though."

"I am grateful enough that you're back, It is not necessary that you behave exactly like you used to back then."

"It seems that I am not at all like I used to be though."

"Are you kidding? You still are as gentle and as caring as you have always been. And that I always valued the most. May..." A slight blush crept into Elladan's face. "Would you mind if I braided your hair?"

"Braid it? Do you think I wish to look like a lass?" Elladan chuckled. "Nice idea, but not really, I am talking about this kind of braids." He held up his hair and Elrohir noticed some small braids on each side of his head. "You wish for me to carry the same braids as you?"

"Mae. That is... if you don't mind..."

"I would love to wear them."

Elrohir smiled and Elladan got up to fetch his brush. When he had finished brushing the hair he looked at his twin. "Great. Would... would you like to wear some of your old clothes? We could wear the.." Elladan covered his mouth. Elrohir looked at him. "We could what?"

"I was about to suggest to wear the same clothes as we always did so. But I do not want you to feel uncomfortable."

"I would like to wear them."

"Would you really or are you just trying to please me?"

"I would like to look exactly like you. You are very pretty." Elladan blushed, then begann to chuckle. "That is what Erestor told me yesterday. Giving a compliment like that to your twinbrother sounds slightly cocky."

"I did not say that I am pretty. I am not, I know that, I have been told so often enough to remember it even being as stupid as I am."

"You are neither stupid nor ugly. Whoever told you so must be blind and deaf. Or jealous maybe. The mortal ones are always jealous because we look better, are wiser and..."

"And you complain about being called cocky?"

Elladan eyed his brother, slightly suprised. "I'm sorry... I should..."

"That is exactly my cynical little brother." Elladan grinned and pulled the braid he had just finished. "You should be careful, talking like that towards Erestor, Glorfindel or our parents will be punished. Talking like that to me is punished as well, but since now you have always enjoyed that a lot."

"Are there other things I should not do?"

"Since when are you scared about being told to go to our room?"

"They would send me to my room? That is no punishment."

"I know, but do not tell them, they think it is pretty hard to not be allowed to go outside for a day or two."

"You can stay in your room and read instead seeing the poor tortued animals."

"Tor... what are you talking about Elir?"

"Don't mind me."

"I wish to know."
End Notes:
Mae = yes
Chapter 8 by Milly
A knock on the door interrupted them. "Elan?"

"Mae, come in." A light-haired elf came in and Elrohir remembered seeing him the day before. "Good morning."

"Good morning to the two of you as well. Your father wishes to know if you two are going to have breakfast in your rooms or with the family." Elladan looked at his brother. "Would you like to stay here?"

"It is impolite to do so."

"Since when does he care about being polite? Whoever took care of you did great work, pennêth."

"I am not sure about that Glorfindel."

"At least we have him back and he is alive. His cheeky behaviour will be back sooner than we miss it, I suppose. You do not have to attend breakfast, Elir. We would like to see you, but it is not necessary, we do not wish to force you to do anything."

"Hannad, Glorfindel. We will think about it and appear downstairs during the next hour if we decided to come." Glorfindel nodded. "Alright, Elan, as you wish." He smiled at the older twin, then winked at the younger one. "I'm happy that you are back Elir and so are all of us, give yourself as much time as you need and send Elan away if you feel like it. He will live." With that he bowed and left the room.

"Would you like to go outside already? You do not have to, believe me, none of them would mind." Elrohir kept silent for a few minutes. Then he smiled. "I think I would like to go downstairs. And..." He grinned wickedly. "I would like to wear the same clothes as you." Elladan pulled his twin into a close hug. Then he went to the cupboard and fetched some clothes. "Would you prefer to be alone while you change your clothes?"

"Is there any part of my body you have not seen yet?" Elladan grinned. "No there is not."

"Oh well, turn around though."

"I presume Glorfindel is right about your behaviour..."

"Don't then." He undressed and took the clothes, then dressed again. "Look into the mirror."

Elrohir wasn't sure whether he wished to do so but decided that he didn't like to risk Elladan getting mad with him now that he was just getting used to the thought of staying in Rivendell. He glanced into the mirror and what he saw was Elladan. Not exactly him but very similar to the elf who had been braiding his hair a few minutes ago. He smiled gently when he looked back at the other. "This is wonderful."

"Indeed it is. Everything about having you back is such to me." He felt Elladan hugging him once more. "Im mela lle."

"Thanks... um... what does that mean?" The older Elf started to chuckle. "It means that I'm stupid enough to tell you that I love you even though you cannot remember being with me."

"I... I think I might have feelings for you as well."

"That's well enough for now. I will see how to make you remember another time, we should be going soon if you really wish to join them for breakfast." Elrohir thought about it for a moment and nodded. "Yes, I wish to join them." Elladan chuckled and then bend himself so he could whisper to the elf sitting in front of him. Elrohir raised his eyebrows when he was done. "Don't you think they would mind?"

"It would relief our parents for they would believe that we are well again."

"Are you sure?"

"Mae, I am."
End Notes:
Mae = yes
Pen-nêth = young one
Hannad = thanks
Im mela lle = I love you
Chapter 9 by Milly
Elrohir was wandering through the house of his father as if it was the first time for he still didn't remember living here. He went exactly the way Elladan told him to go and sneeked into another room. "Im mela lle." Elrohir cursed himself and blushed when he noticed the two elves, kissing each other and being rather busy. Elladan had asked him to get some maps from the libary so they could plan a trip while he tried to convince their parents to let them go after their begetting day. And now that he had reached the libary.. he sighed and had the other elves attention within the very moment. They tore apart and looked at him, the raven-haired blushing even more than he had done earlier. While the goldenhaired Elf turned towards him the other one ran from the room.

"Did I not teach you that you have to knock before you enter a room, Elan?..." He looked at the young elf more closly. "Elir. I am sorry, I did not mean to scare you. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Elladan asked me to look for a map of the woods of the North." The Eldar nodded and smiled, then turned around for several moments. When he turned back to face Elrohir he held two maps in his hands. Before handing them to the young one he hesitated. "I am sorry that we did not take care not to frighten you. We did not intend to meet here."

"I do not mind..."

"It was impolite though and I apologize. It is our task to educate you and your brother, not to spoil you." He gave the maps to the younger one. "Please take good care of them and bring them back when you are done." Elrohir nodded. "Thank you." The golden haired nodded. "And now I must ask you to excuse me as I have to go and calm someone who is very dear to me." Elrohir blushed even more at the thought and the older one chuckled, leaving the confused Elf to search for his lover.

Elrohir left the libary as well, a little confused about what he had seen and followed the way Elladan had described to him. He knocked before entering the room this time. "Come in please." He opened the door slowly and saw his parents and his brother turn towards him. "Good morning yondo-nin."

"You're pale. What happened?" Elladan faced him, slightly worried. "It is nothing." Celebrían smiled at her younger son. "Please take a seat, would you like some water?"

"Thank you, that is not necessary." Elrond and his wife exchanged a concerned look. While she got up to fetch him something to drink he turned towards his sons again. "Elan says you two wish to camp in the forrest after your begetting day. Do you really wish that or did he talk you into it?" Elladan folded his arms, looking at his father with slight reproach. "I would love to go to the forrest. I always loved it." Elrond smiled. "Well then we are going to consider your wishes. But if we will allow it you will have to be more careful than the last time. I do not wish to lose one of you again." Celebrían, returning with the water for her younger son, nodded. "I do not think that we would be able to bear that again."

"We will be more careful." Elladan promised. His parents smiled, slightly amused about his eagerness. "We did not say yes yet, my son."

After their parents had left the room Elladan turned towards his twin again. "Did you meet a ghost? You are really pale, brother."

"I... no... I forgot my manners and went into a room without knocking, it was my own mistake."

"You met them conspiring, hm?" Elrohir coughed. "That depends on whom you are talking about and what you mean by 'conspiring'." The older twin chuckled. "Glory and Estor."

"Um, I presume so, yes, the darked haired one that was riding with you yesterday and the elf that came to call us for breakfast." Elladan nodded. "Exactly, that is them. Did they make out in the libary?" The younger brother blushed again. "Um... yes, that is how you could call it."

"That is why you should always knock before entering a room, sorry I did not warn you about them. I must ask you to follow me now though. And do not trouble you mind about Estor and Glory." He smiled and Elrohir followed him to attend breakfast.
End Notes:
Im mela lle = I love you
yondo-nin = my son
Chapter 10 by Milly
Their parents and their guests had already taken their seats when the twins entered the rooms. Elladan led his brother to a chair next to his own. Then he greeted their guests and smiled when he saw that the humans had already recovered enough to have breakfast with them. "It is good to see that you are still alive."

"What happened to Elrohir?" The humans seemed confused and Elladan pointed to his twin. "That's impossible."

"It is?"

"What happened to you? You don't look any similar to the way you looked before."

"We washed him and his hair, let him sleep a bit, brushed and braided the hair and he changed his clothes."

"I do not think that he wished to know all that," came an amused voice from the door.

Elladan turned his head and chuckled. "Suilad, Glorfindel, quel arin Erestor. I think you should know about things others do not really wish to know even better than I do." He was pleased when he saw Erestor blush and worried when he noticed that his twin coughed once more. His fathers advisors took their seats and they started to eat. "What will you two do later?"

"I will show our home to Elrohir, I presume." Anborn asked if he could go with them while Elrond asked Talon do go to rest again after breakfast. "It will be a pleasure to show you around, Anborn." Elladan smiled. When he noticed the advisors whispering to each he added "We woud do best to knock before entering the libary though." This time it was Glorfindel's face that grew pale. "That is enough, Elladan." Elrond shook his head, guessing what had happened earlier. "Mae Atar." Elladan nodded and lowered his gaze.

After breakfast Elladan took Anborn and his brother with him as promised. He showed them around for some time and then stayed in the gardens for Elrohir wished to see everything in it. The only thing that convince him to leave was the promise that they could return here anytime and that there were still the stables. Stables... horses... Elrohir was exicted about seeing them, loving horses more than other animals though he adored all of them. Elladan grinned. "I knew you would be eager to see them. They will love to see you, I presume. Every horse I met till now adored you." He led the others to the stables and two elves were turning towards them. "It is wonderful to see that you are back, my prince." Both bowed their heads and Elrohir eyed them, unsure how to answer. "Thank you, Thaliwilwarin, Alcwethion. We are most grateful that he is back again."

"I would like to go back to the castle now."

"If you do not mind Thaliwilwarin can show you the way." Anborn nodded. "No problem for me."

The servants bowed their heads again and left silently, taking Anborn with them. Elladan smiled after they were gone. "They are two of the elves helped searching you for the longest time. I am sure they really missed you. You always went to help them if something was wrong with one of the horses."

"They must be upset with me for not remembering their names."

"Does that mean that you worry more about the way the stable boys feel then about how the mightiest lords that advise your father feel if you do not know their name?"

"Everyone remembers their name. Most people do not take the time to remember the names of servants. And anyway, I do not think that you were thinking about their feelings when you teased them during breakfast." Elladan sighed and shook his head. "So we are beginning to get back to our old mind again, hm Elir?"

"What do you mean?"

"You spend a little TOO much time, thinking about the feelings of others."

"You just asked me to, did you not?" Elladan was suprised to see that his brother seemed really mad at him. He wasn't used to that feeling and he didn't like it. "Elrohir, I am sorry, I did not mean to tease you or hurt your feelings."

"Perhaps you should think before acting the next time then." With that said Elrohir turned and ran away, not caring anymore to see the beautiful horses and sweet colts he could have seen.

Elladan froze. It wasn't like Elrohir to be that upset about a little fight. But on the other hand he hadn't seen his brother for some time. He sighed and went into the stables alone. Petting Alakrist's head and then making sure that all of them were well. He stayed with the horses for some time and didn't notice that is was already getting dark when the door to the stables opened. "Here you are." Glorfindel smiled. "You had a quarrel with him?"

"Leave me alone."

"Give him a little time to get used to his life and you again. It is not easy for him. Perhaps he just needs some time to be alone."

"Go and take care of Erestor."

"He is busy. I have nothing else to do then to see the oldest son of my best friend at the moment." Elladan sighed. "Remind me to ask father to give you more work."

"That would be good, hannad."

"Why do you not go to comfort Elrohir?"

"Your mother found him before I did."

"And I presume Adar is the one that keeps Erestor busy, hm?"


"Could you not go and look after our guests?"

"No, I would prefer to talk to you."

"You are torturing for teasing you at breakfast, right?"

"No, I am teasing you for torturing Erestor." Another sigh escaped Elladan's lips. "I should have guessed it."
End Notes:
Suilad = hello
Quel arin = Good morning [made-up by connecting words]
Mae = Yes
Atar/Adar = father
Hannad = thanks
Chapter 11 by Milly
It was about two hours later when Elladan entered his room again. His mother had left again already, but he found his twin lying on the bed and not turning towards him when he entered the room. "Elrohir?" The younger one shook his head. "Elir, I am sorry." He knelt down next to the bed. "You were right. I often speak without thinking." He felt a hand, carressing his shoulder gently. "As do I. It is as hard for you as it is for me to know that I am back at home. I should not have acted towards you like that." Elladan was shocked about hearing the sadness in his brothers voice. "Do not be sorry, Gwauning-nîn. What you told me was the truth." He carressed his brother's hair like he had done the day before.

"You are not angry with me?"

"Why should I be angry?"

"I would have hated to have you as my enemy."

"Elrohir? What exactly did they do to you?"

"Nothing. I am not worth being here."

"Did Nana really talk to you?"


"Our mother... Celebrían."

"I pleaded her to leave me alone and she left, not wishing to disturb me further."

"So you have been lying here for hours, imagining the worst things that could happen to you?"

"Yes." Elladan shook his head and smiled at his brother. Then he lay down and wrapped his arms around him. Lulling his twin into sleep like he had done so many times before he grew tired as well.

The next morning the brothers awoke, still holding each other. "Well that is a pleasant suprise." Elladan winked at his twin and raised an eyebrow. "Did we..."

"No, Elrohir, please do not ask. We are fully dressed, you are not stupid."

"I am."

"You are not."

"And that is for you decide? "Mae it is. I do not wish to be stupid."

"We are talking about me though."

"If you are stupid I am stupid as well, you are my other half." Elrohir looked at him, suprised and Elladan quickly covered his mouth. "I am what?"

"That is what they said about us when we were pen-nêths"


"Forgive me, young ones. We did not wish to be seperated at any time. So they asked us where our other half is whenever we were not together."

"It must have been hard for you...."

Elrohir hesitated a little, then gently kissed his brother's forehead. "Better do not do that. You do not know what you are doing to me." Elladan turned his head and got up. "Why do you mind? I thought you said we were..."

"That is why you should not do this. I was a fool to cuddle with you. I just thought it was like when we were young, but it is not. I have missed you for so many years, Elrohir. Even an innocent kiss like that is enough to drive me insane." Elrohir got up and rested his hands on his brother's shoulders, turning him so they faced each other. Then he looked into his brother's eyes and softly kissed his lips.
End Notes:
Gwauning-nîn = twin of mine
Nana = mother
Mae = yes
Pen-nêth = young one
Chapter 12 by Milly
Some time later Elladan was still cuddling with his twin. He was a little disattracted by thinking whether it was right to act on his feelings for he still wasn't sure how Elrohir felt. "Are you going to show me the horses today?" Elrohir smiled sweetly. "Of course, if you wish."

"You are not really with me in thoughts, what troubles you?"

"Your choice to be with me. Do you really wish this?" Elrohir smiled and nodded. "I have been thinking about losing your love yesterday. Call me strange but even after a day of being around you again I was not able to imagine to go on without you anymore. I am sure about this, Elladan, I really am."

"You are strange." Elladan hugged his twin closer and kissed his neck gently. "Stop that, you are tickling me." Pure innocence was shown in his brother's eyes when he started licking his twins ear instead. "Elladan... daro." Elladan stopped immediatly, eying his brother who gave him a suprised look. "What did you say?"

"I told you to stop."

"You said Daro." Elrohir thought about that and nodded. "Yes I think I did. What is wr... oh..."

Elladan smiled when he pulled his twin closer again. "Im mela lle." Elrohir's thoughts drifted to Erestor and Glorfindel and their meeting in the libary, but this time he grew neither red nor pale. He grinned and winked at his twin. "And I love you." Elladan was pleasantly suprised about hearing those words and sweetly kissed his twin once more. "We could go and have breakfast with them, they might wait for us this time." Elrohir nodded though a wicked thought made him grinned mischievously. But luckily his twin didn't notice it and he decided that showing them that his cheekiness was about to surface again wasn't necessary yet. He smiled sweetly when his twin wrapped an arm around him to pull him downstairs with him.

When they were about to enter the room Elrohir chuckled and pointed to a corner near-by. Elladan rose his eyebrows, his lips forming the word "Hush". Then he took his twins hand and soon they were sneaking closer. It just took them a few moments and being right next to the two other elves Elrohir had seen Elladan coughed. They turned around and froze. "Not again. Do you two have nothing else to do then following us everywhere we go?"

"In fact we have better things to do. We were about to have breakfast. As I see you two were about to have breakfast of another sort."

"That is enough now, Elladan. Behave or I will find a proper punishment for you."

"We should find one for you. It is always your idea. You know that the twins sneak around everywhere they should not be. But you always insist on..."

"We will speak about that later." Glorfindel exchanged a glance with his lover and he nodded. "But I promise that we will speak about this."

"I am sure we will." He turned to the twins again. "Stay away from us if you see that we are not wishing to be disturbed. We do not follow you to see if you two make love, do us the same favour." Both twins blushed and Glorfindel eyed them suprised. "Your relationship truly recovers quickly."

"We should have breakfast." Elladan decided that he did not wish to speak about his relationship. Erestor and Elrohir nodded and all four of them went to meet up with Elrond and his wife.

"There you are. I hope it will not get your habit to be late for breakfast and not appear for lunch and supper."

"I apologize about that my lord." Glorfindel bowed and Elrond shook his head. "I was talking to my sons, mellon-nin. As far as I remember Erestor and you usually appear for the meals or at least tell me that you will not do so."

"Mae, I think we do." Celebrían turned to her husband and whispered something. He looked at the twins, then back at his wife and nodded. Both smiled approvingly. "Please take a seat though, I do not wish to have our guests wait longer than they have to."
End Notes:
Daro = stop
Im mela lle = I love you
Mellon-nin = my friend
Mae = yes
Chapter 13 by Milly
Some weeks had passed and the two riders of Rohan had left to find their people. It was a day before the twins' begetting day and everyone but the twins was busy with preparing the celebrations for the next day. The Twins had taken their horses to ride to a river that was only a few minutes away from Rivendell. Their parents had decided that they did not wish for them to go far away on their own till they were 1000 and after being upset about that decision for a while they had learnt to enjoy the freedom they still had. They dismounted and allowed their horses to run around and spent their energy on useless games. Elrohir watched them for a bit and smiled, enjoying to see how happy they were. Then he felt Elladan's arms around him. "Would you care to swim, melme?" Elrohir turned his head so he could face his twin. "If you wish. But I must warn you. I am swimming faster than you do."

"We will see about that, little brother." Elrohir raised an eyebrow and both of them quickly undressed to try to get into the water first.

After swimming for a while they embraced again. "I am certain that they are happy of being rid of us today."

"Why is that?"

"They are preparing our begetting day."

"Mae?" Elladan smiled fondly like everytime if his brother used the elvish language. "Yes. It is tomorrow, did you not remember that?"

"No. How is the begetting day celebrated?"

"We dance and sing usually. And we will get another good bow or dagger for hunting orcs by Ada if we were good and nana will tell us that she did not find any present for us and hand us some wonderful new books. And then Erestor and Glorfindel will appear, scolding us for not being more eager to learn but also having found some nice new scrolls for the two of us to translate or study a text from the first age."

"It is like that every year?"

"Mae. Luckily it seems that they do not remember that. Maybe our memory will get bad when we are as old as they are." Elrohir raised his eyebrows. "You should not speak about them like that."

"Mae, mae I know. Always be kind and gentle and think about the other ones feelings." Elrohir pushed his twin away, shaking his head. "One should believe that I am older than you are."

"One would be wrong believing that though." With that he wrapped his arms around his lover and kissed him gently.

A few hours later the twins returned to Imladris. "Suilad Elan, hello Elir." Erestor smiled. "Did you lose Glorfindel?"

"I am not always around him in case you did not notice that yet. It is not that I am addicted to him like you two are to each other. The twins chuckled coevally when Glorfindel appeared and smiled fondly at his lover. "Suilad Erestor, I have been looking for you." Erestor looked at the twins, to Glorfindel and back to the twins. "Oh yes, my lord, I think we had to go to some papers concerning our meeting with the Mirkwood Elves in a month. Oh, Elladan, Elrohir would you like to join and help us translating some Sindar?"

"No, we will be busy ourselves, sorry." Elladan pulled his brother with him, away from the two advisors that begann to chuckle as soon as the Twins were gone.

The next day Elladan awoke very early. He turned to his brother and kissed his forehead. "Elir?" His twin mumbled something and turned around. "Hannad, happy begetting day to you as well." Elladan was about to lose hope when Elrohir turned around again, opening his eyes slowly. "Happy begetting day, Elan." He kissed his brother's forehead and then started to trail kisses from his brother's forehead to his shoulders. Elladan smiled. "So you are awake now?"

"Do you suppose me to sleep while you are trying to kill the walls by looking at them?" When Elladan tried to protest Elrohir silenced him by capturing the again familiar feeling lips.

It was later in the day when their parents came to give them their presents and good wishes and Elrohir remembered Elladan's words while looking at his presents and smiling at his parents thankfully. "We will meet you again in two hours. I hope you will be dressed properly then." The twins nodded. Some minutes later when they had just finished washing each other and put on some fresh clothes they heard a knock and after allowing them to come in, Glorfindel and Erestor appeared. Once again Elladan's words were proved true and Elrohir winked at his brother, admitting that he had been right. The advisors left them after a few minutes as they still had to change their clothes as well. When they were gone Elrohir turned towards his twin. "I do not have a present for you."

"Not? That is sad indeed." Elladan chuckled. "You do not have to trouble yourself though. We promised to belong to each other forever 750 years ago. There could not be a greater present to me than having your love and your heart so it is needless to try."

"Than you shall have my heart and my love forever on." Elrohir smiled and wrapped his arms closely around his twin. "As I hope that I might own the same precious gift then."

"You would even own mine if I had not yours."

"That would be sad. How should you be able to live without your heart?"

"That is why I am most grateful that I own your heart as well."

Later both twins joined the feast to celebrate their 864. begetting day. They smiled seeing how much time the others had taken to prepare the celebrations. Both were asked to dance after a few minutes and they looked at each other sadly, agreeing to take other patners for the first dances. Later when most of the Elves had already excused themselves and the closer friends and family started to sing the twins started to dance with each other. Elrohir was most fascinated about the pretty grey eyes that mirrored the his image as if to remind him how similar he was to his brother. When everyone but their parents, Glorfindel and Erestor was gone Elladan pulled his twin closer and kissed him. The blonde Lord turned to his lover and his friends. "Am I right if I fear that telling them it is not right to bed your own kin is too late already?" The others chuckled. The twins turned towards them for a moment, then faced each other again. "Im mela lle, Elladan." Elladan smiled and carressed his twins cheeks gently. "And I love you too, Elrohir."
End Notes:
Melme = love
Mae = Yes [Mae, even in the last chapter it still means the same ;) ]
Ada = daddy
Nana = mother
Suilad = hello
Im mela lle = I love you
Notes by Milly
About the twins: The princes of Imladris were born in the 130. year of the third age, 21 years after the wedding of their parents. Both of them are [for those of you who didn't know it yet] sons of Elrond Peredhil [Halfelven], the founder of Rivendell, bearer of Vilya, the mightiest of the three Elven Rings and Celebrían, daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel ò Lothlórien. They're the older brothers of Arwen (111 years older ;) 1)) and brothers-in-law to Aragorn, also his forster brothers and connceted to him by blood for one of his ancestors a few millenia years ago was Elros Tar-Minyatur, brother of Elrond.
2) In the books they're known for saving their mother after she was attacked and tortued by orcs and bringing her home to Rivendell. She departed to Grey Havens a year later though
3) and the Twins started hunting Orcs, usually seen together and clad alike.
4) It is also known that they've been riding with the rangers of the North.
5) Aragorn seems quite fond of them, for he seems to think that their news are more important than meeting his fiancee.
6) Legolas seems to like them as well, describing them as fair and gallant like Elven-Lords.
7) They are accompaning the Rangers of the North when those go to help Aragorn in The Passing of the Grey Company, for they desire to go to war and bring their father's council.
8) Later on they meet Arwen who set out from Lorien and go to Endoras with her where she marries Aragorn.
9) Sadly I still didn't find really sure informations whether they go with Elrond or stay with Arwen. I read that Celeborn is staying with them after Galadriel's passing and Elrond's children have to leave with him if they want to go to Grey Heavens. But on the other hand I heard that Arwen is the last elf that stays in Middle-Earth after Legolas left with Gimli when Aragorn had died. I hope that they went to Grey Havens and so I'll believe that, please mail me if you found any sure notes about it. ;)

1) 109 - Elrond weds Celebrían, daughter of Celeborn
130 - Birth of Elladan and Elrohir, Sons of Elrond
241- Birth of Arwen Undómiel (1122, Appendix B)
2) (Familiy Tree, Page 496, The Silmarillion)
3) "In 2509 Celebrían wife of Elrond was journeying to Lorien when she was waylaid in Redhorn Pass, and her escort being scattered by the sudden assault of the Orcs, she was seized and carried off. She was pursued and resued by Elladan and Elrohir but not before she had suffered torment and had received a poisoned wound. She was brought back to Imladris, and though healed in body by Elrond, lost all delight in Middle-earth and, next year went the Havens and passed over Sea." (1080, Appendix A)
4) "So much alike they were, the sons of Elrond that few could tell them apart, dark-haired, grey-eyed, and their faces elven fair, clad alike in bright mail beneath cloaks of silver-grey." (P. 809, ROK)
5) "But her [Arwen's] brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, were out upon errantry: for they rode often with the Rangers of the North, forgetting never their mother's torment in the dens of the orcs." (243, Many Meetings)
6) "'Where have you been my friend? Why weren't you at the feast? The lady Arwen was there.' Strider looked down at Bilbo gravely. 'I know,' he said, 'But often I must put mirth aside. Elladan and Elrohir have returned out of the wild unlooked for, and they have tidings that I wished to hear at once.' " (249, Many Meetings).
7) "[Talking about the "newcomers", the rangers of the North] 'But even as Aragorn they are courteous, if they break their silence,' said Legolas. 'And have you marked the brethren Elladan and Elrohir? Less sombre is their gear than the others', and they are fair and gallant as Elven-lords; and that is not to be wondered at in the sons of Elrond of Rivendell.' "
8) [Halbarad speaking:] " 'That is all of our kindred that could be gathered in hase; but the brethren Elladan and Elrohir have ridden with us, desiring to go to war.' (806, ROK); "Then said Elrohir: 'From the North we came with this purpose and from Elrond our father we brought this very council. We will not turn back.' "
9) "3019, June 14 The sons of Elrond meet the escort and bring Arwen to Edoras." (1132, Appendix B); also: "Upon the very Eve of Midsummer, when the sky was blue as sapphire and white stars opened in the East, but the West was still golden and the air was cool and fragrant, the riders came down the Northway to the gates of Minas Tirith. First rode Elrohir and Elladan (!) with a banner of silver, and then came Glorfindel and Erestor and all the household of Rivendell, and after them came the Lady Galadriel and Celeborn, Lord of Lothlórien, riding upon white steeds and with them may fair folk of their land, grey-cloaked with white gems in their hair; and last came Master Elrond, mighty among Elves and Men, bearing the sceptre of Annúminas, and beside him upon a grey palfrey rode Arwen his daughter, Evenstar of her people. (1008-1009, ROK)

All quotes are from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. [Yes I know, I wrote something about the Silmarillion, but I did not quote it.]

These are the most important notes I found about them. There're more, but I thought it would be too much to type all of them. The last one is the only note I found that mentions Elrohir before Elladan that's why I assumed that Elir is the younger twin.

Um... the names I just had to use. I like calling them Elir and Elan/Adan for I just love nicks. El was necessary for I still wasn't sure which twin was lost back then and didn't wish to change when I chose. They're cheekier and happier than they should be I guess, but I hope you'll be able to live with it.

The characters: I do not like the humans in LOTR too much. As most of us I like Aragorn, but that's it about humans. I had to make sure that at least a few other races apart from elves would show up for a bit though for I needed their help in not knowing that someone like Elrohir IS beautiful (Mae, blind they are the humans... ;) and foolish too, not noticing that they found an adult, hurt elf and not a stupid human child...). To those of you that feel offended about the way I've shown them I apologize. I did not mean to offend anyone with this story. Neither the ones that don't like slash nor the ones that hate Incest. Those could have been warned though and you were not, that's why I was careful not to make them look to bad by raping [okay, okay I would never have done that to him] my poor little Elrohir or something. The reaction of Elladan and the other elves towards them is slightly overplayed. But Elves think that men are weak and clumsy as far as I know and they act a little arrogant towards them. Anborn and Talon (the only ones mentioned by name) are made up as well. Anborn was named after a character that actually rode with the Rohan a few hundred years later, but I was just searching for a good sounding name for a Rohan-leader, there's no real reason in it.

The Elves... I presumed that there are more elves in Rivendell than just Elrond, his wife, his children and his advisors. Don't kill me for mentioning them though they were not needed.

Elrond: I really like Elrond. He's surely one of the wisest, prettiest and mightiest chars in LOTR and he's the father of my favourite characters. I pity not being better at showing him than I am, but well.. I'm sorry about that with all of my characters...

Celebrían I had to protect against all those that make her look bad so often in the Elrond/whoever stories. It's not like I don't like those stories, but I feel sorry for her though. I presume she was a loving and kind elf and even if she wasn't it won't hurt if she's once or twice mentioned as a neither wicked nor violent woman who loved her husband and her children. Glorfindel&Erestor: Apart from being one of my personel favourite slash-couples I was really sorry about their roles in the movies. I fear they're not really the mentors of the twins, but it would be possible in case they had the time. Being older and wiser than most of the other (I do not think that Elrond had the time to teach them) Elves in Rivendell they would have been a good choice. I know that they're not as childish as they're in my story... but... oh well it was so much fun to write 'em like that. As so many people before me mentioned I do not like it if characters disspear or get killed in the movies. I know and understand that it would be too much to do all of it like it was done in the books, I presume it might have been boring as well. But like so many of us I missed Glory a lot and was terribly sad about Haldir's death.

That's why Arwen didn't appear in this story. I like her but I had to take my own little revenge for stealing Glory's part, some of his lines and his horse. I presume she was out and visited her grandparents in Lórien. Other characters you might have missed usually didn't appear 'cause they weren't born at the time the story takes part (ca. 993 of the third age) or I didn't suppose them to dwell in Rivendell.

Begetting day: I did NOT make that up myself, I read about it. It is said that elves do not celebrate the day they were born but the day they were begotten. I thought that was strange, that's why I made Anborn (being human as we are) mention that. I've been thinking whether the twins, having a half-elven father might celebrate their birthdays or both, but being immortal and 3/4 elven I guess it is more logical to celebrate the elven way.

As for the begetting and bearing of children: a year passes between the begetting and the birth of an elf-child, so that the days of both are the same or nearly so, and it is the day of begetting that is remembered year by year. For the most part these days come in spring. (

Elvish: I had two reasons not to use more Elven words in this story: 1. I do not know many words and just took those I thought I remembered correctly. 2. I know that even the best stories I had got slightly difficult to read if there was too much elvish in them. The vocabulary I used are from other stories [esp. Anestel by Esteliel which, whatever YOU might think to me is the most brilliant LOTR-fan fiction I know, in case you wish to read it please heed the warnings], the books and an elven online dictionary I learned to like a lot during the last months. (

The ugly duckling: My plot is slightly based on the fairy tale "The ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen.

For those of you who didn't read/hear it or don't remember it: It's a tale about a little duckling that is taller then his siblings and looks strange to them. They tease him and even his mothers gets impatient with him after a while. He runs away and meets wild ducks that tell him that he's ugly as well. He stays with them for a bit though but they're shot soon. So he leaves and passes a few more adventures. To cut it short here, he sees some swans later and decides to fly to those royal birds so they would kill him for daring to approach them. But when he tells them to do so and bows to the water to await death he sees that he's a swan just like them and children come to feed the swans and say that he's the most beautiful of all of them. (

For those of you that read/heard the tale and do remember it: Mae, I know there're some "mistakes" in it. But luckily I wasn't TOLD to write a fairy tale just like Andersen's. I only thought about it while writing my story as it used to be my fav when I was about 3 years old and I had been reading it to a child a few days ago. I know that the little duckling is skillful enough to swim and that is was wrong to call it "the little elfling" as Elir is an Elf and I should have called it the little humanling or taken another main character. But humanling or menling would sound pretty strange to my ears and taking a human would have been impossible for I see no way that any human could be more beautiful than the elves in the end. Also I think that I read that Elves are taller than men and... it just had to be Elrohir for in MY imagination he's the prettiest of his kind. I didn't wish to kill all the Rohan for it's some kind of personal apology for not liking them that they're allowed to take care of Elrohir for a bit. Killing all of them would have been too evil so I decided that most of them had to go for as far as I remember it all wild ducks died...

One more thing: I'd really love to get some feedback. I don't care whether it's good or bad, but I'd like to hear if someone at least read this story. It took me some time to dare to post something I wrote. I hope you heeded my warning and did not read it to be offended by Elrohir and Elladan. I know my notes are pretty long, but as I said it's the first story (we're not talking about adding something to another story, are we?) I am posting and I hope that people will not be as offended if I try to explain it.
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