The Ugly Elfling by Milly
Summary: A young man runs away from home and faces a few adventures before he meets people that actually understand him.
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Story Notes:
You'll find my notes later, I do not wish to spoil the whole story more than it is spoiled by being written by me. ;) I would love to get feedback though I hope that I answered the most questions you might have had in my notes below this story.
Prologue by Milly
"Ya're dumb." The men in front of him spit the words and he didn't see the hurt expression on the youngster's face.

"Ya're dumb and ugly. Ya can't even pretend to listen to what I'm telling ya. Stop staring at the trees. Looks as if ya were longing to climb 'em and you've brought enough disgrace already. Even ma'll give up hope that ya'll get sane and start acting like a farmer. Ya know how patient she's been with ya."

The young one looked up at his brother and a silent tear dropped to the ground. "I am sorry about letting the horses go. They... they needed a break, I could not bear seeing them suffer like that. It is too.."

"What they need is for dad to decide or for me, but not for my stupid little bro. They're able to work hard. They can do it without breaks. They for sure don't need to run around and spend energy on useless games."

"But they are living creatures. We have to treat them with respect and talk to them. They..."

"Oh go, climb that tree and break yer neck. I care not. Just get out of my sight with yer silly ideas!"

"Please, I..." "Get out of my sight I said. And be sure that I don't get to see ya until tomorrow morning!"

He nodded, trying to hide his fear, but when his brother threw a stone in his direction he started to run.
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