Safe and Sound by Pinky
Summary: Song by Sheryl Crow. AU ending to FOTR.
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1. Chapter 1 by Pinky

Chapter 1 by Pinky
Maybe this is forever

I cradled you in my arms as the sounds of dying Orcs filled the air around us and their scent poisoned the thickness of it. The foul smell of their decaying flesh and spilt blood upon the ground, soaking it's once greeen pastures and covering the landscape. Aragorn was about one hundred yards away tending to Gimli's injury on his leg. The Dwarf had saved dear Pippin's life by throwing himself in front of one of the smaller Orcs therefor, causing an arrow to welcome itself into his calf. Unfortunatly, it wasnt enough to stop the rest of the remaining enemy to take off with both Merry and Pippin before any of us could do anything. I had tried my hardest to defend them but my attempts proved hopeless as I watched Merry shout my name over and over until it faded into a distant murmer. God only knows where Frodo and Sam were. After my 'attack' on him, Frodo put on the ring and vanished from underneath me and I was left in the utter disbelief of what I had just done. For some reason, my concious tells me they are quite fine and are on a safer trail to Mordor. I can only hope they save us all. All but you.

Forever fades away;
like a rocket ascending into space
Could you not be sad;
Could you not break down;

It was unexpected when they invaded our small camp. None of us were in any way prepared; completely caught off our gaurd. The battle ragged on for what seemed like hours, I'm sure was only a quarter of one at the least. We all fought swiftly and bravely. True warriors. Assasins at best. But all creatures, Dwarf, Man, Hobbit... we can only do our best. And try. That alone is enough to ensure that goodness would sometime prevail.

And here we are now. A beginning Fellowship of nine. In the course of days, only three stand together. One, slowly dying in my embrace.

After all, I wont let go
Until you're safe and sound
Until you're safe and sound
There's beauty in release;
there's no one left to please
but you and me

I swear... I was doing all I could to look out for you. Not that it was my job, I felt obligated just the same. Always have for a long time now. Ever since we all first set out together. As one. You were the most magnificant of your kind. Graceful, poised, swift, intilectual, brave, strong, beautiful... so beautiful. You took my breath away just by your presence being near. Your eyes alone told the story of your age. As old as your mind. Now that number will cease to a final halt. Never growing higher, as I fear your spirit will soon. And those deep blue eyes are about to close on me forever.

My heart is breaking. I literally feel it crumble. The tiny vessels silenly bursting within my chest, oozing out an excruitiating pain, worse than any physical infliction. I tried to protect everyone. I owed myself to you all equally. I vowed myself to ensuring the safety of all, not just Frodo. But I inwardly gave most of my promises to you. Little by little. Day by day.

I dont blame you for quitting
I know you really tried
If only you could hang on through the night
I dont want to be lonely,
I dont want to be scared
All our friends are waiting there
Until you're safe and sound

Your long, golden hair was now matted and filth ridden. Your pallet complexion was covered in cuts and dirt and blood. Your whole body, looks so broken and tattered. A God-forsaken rag doll, lying hopelessly motionless on the ground. Small whimpers emenating from your swollen, dry lips.

Stroke your head, I feel you slipping away. Further into oblivion every minute, taking a peice of my heart and soul along down with you. How dare you leave me like this, how dare you?!! You dont even know how much you mean to me, what this short experience has made me realize, the little things you taught me, what impact you have made on my soul. You know nothing... nothing. I grew to love you rather quickly. Faster than I would've liked but love knows no boundries. Love's a bird; it needs to fly. Free. As you will... dreadfully soon.

Felt like I could've held on
Felt like I could've let go

I look into your Elven face. Your mouth opens, a drop of blood trickling down the corner of your lips and down your cheek. You speak in a breathless whisper.


Feel like I coud've helped you
Feel like I coud've changed you

You jerk and grab onto me. In your eyes, the color starts to fade, slowly at first. I'm losing you, my love!

"I've got you, I've got you, I'll never let you go."

I felt like I could've hurt you
Felt like I could've held you

Scared... I'm so scared gasp grunt

Fel like I was a stranger
Felt like I was an angel

The tears spill over against my will and splash onto your chest.

"Please, dont leave me, my Prince. Dont leave me here alone." I barely get those words out in a small squeakish cry.

Felt like I was a hero
Felt like I was a zero

You reach up and touch my face and I grasp your hand. Determined not to let you die. Not like this. Not now. Not ever.

So-sorry.... l-love you grunt all

I tightened my grip on his hand and pulled him closer to my face.

Felt like I could've healed you
Felt like I could've saved you


Farwell.... my love...

Whispering those last two words, your skin turned to ice to the touch and your entire form layed limp in my arms. Your eyes completely faded away and your last breath held on those two words exhaled past your pale lips as your immortal life abandoned you unjustly. You took away my life along for the ride.

"I love you... Legolas..." They were on the tip of my tongue.

Feel like I should have told you

You left me before they slipped off into your now deaf ears.

I lost my breath and I looked to the dusky heavens.

"LEGOLAS!!!!!!!" My hurtful, pained tone echoed throughout Middle-Earth and everywhere else in between. All that existed in the past, present, and will arrive in the future, everywhere heard my cry. It passed through time and place as I greatly mourned the loss of my one and only true love.

I feel like I should have heard you

We planted your lifeless being in the last boat, placing a small torch on the post behind your head as a guide through the dark abyss of death. We put your weapons by your side and folded your hands across your chest. Each one of us, me lastly, privately paying our goodbyes to you. Our Elven Prince. I kissed your cold death lips and whispered my love into your ears... hoping in vain you would hear my words... somewhere... wherever you were.

I feel like I could have loved you

I took hold of one of your hands for the last time as your tiny ship began to sail away into the sea. Just like your song, your warning, preperation for yourself of your impending doom. Your limp hand slipped out of my reach and, probably in my own mind, I felt you brush your fingertips across my own slowly before finally departing my touch forever. The tears fell and I no longer had the will to stop them.

I felt like I really loved you....

I stood for hours watching you sail away into the curve of this Earth until you were completely out of sight. I gazed upon the glowing light of your torch throughout the night when it finally faded off as well, into darkness. And in that moment, I looked to the East, where the bright, heavenly colors of dawn cascaded the entire shoreline, strecthing out and gracing the vast sky. I sighed. From now on, I know I shall sleep peacefully until my dying day. At ease and in calm serenity.

Knowing that you are finally and forever, safe and sound.

Feel like I could have saved you....
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