Rivendell's Own by Tinker Bell
Summary: All it takes is one day to see what you've been missing.
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Most stories tell the tale of Glorfindel, the returned hero of Gondolin. I wanted to put forth my own version of his life, hence this story arc. My Glorfindel's history will be elaborated on in future stories, fear not. Story wonderfully beta'ed by the lovely Half Elf Lost, queen of the late-night re-betas!

1. Chapter 1 by Tinker Bell

Chapter 1 by Tinker Bell
Someday, they said, he'd get used to it. Cease to notice the rumors and the gossip and the hushed whispers that followed him everywhere.

"Glorfindel...he has been returned to us!" he would hear as he made his way through the Hidden Valley. Elves both young and old looked at him with adoration and amazement. Glorfindel desperately wished they wouldn't.

He knew his sudden appearance in Imladris would raise questions but he'd never expected...well, he'd certainly never expected this.

Never thought he'd be hounded by questions about Gondolin and the fall of that great city. Hardly imagined that children would ask him about Balrogs and heroes long gone.

When faced with such questioning, the brave blonde elf almost always scurried away after muttering an excuse. He couldn't help it; it unnerved him to no end.

Glorfindel wondered when it would end as Elrond had assured him it eventually would. There was only so much the warrior could stand. Of course, Glorfindel knew these unique circumstances were really Elrond's fault. The elf lord refused to explain the situation to his people, telling the blonde that it was better this way; better to allow the whispering and adoring looks than to worry about one elf's discomfit with it all. Glorfindel had agreed at first, but his decision was beginning to vex him greatly.

For now, there was nothing he would rather do than stand up before all of Imladris' citizens and scream "I am not Glorfindel of Gondolin!"

Because he wasn't.

He was simply Glorfindel. Glorfindel of Rivendell.

"Why do you hide here, Lord Glorfindel?" The voice was calm and quiet, and the warrior knew it well.

"Lindir," he remarked, not lifting his gaze. "How is it that you always manage to intrude upon my chosen hiding spots?"

He finally looked up hearing a small chuckle from the pale-haired elf seated on the opposite side of the garden. "I did not intrude, my Lord. I was here first and you simply were too distracted to notice me sitting."

"Truly?" Lindir nodded and Glorfindel sighed. "It seems I ought to apologize then."

"What brings you here in the middle of the day?" Lindir asked, moving from his seat to sit beside Glorfindel.

"It has just been another of those days," the blonde muttered. He knew the gentle minstrel had heard these complaints several times over, but Lindir never seemed bothered. He always let the warrior vent his frustrations, easing Glorfindel's mind. "The same whispers everywhere, the same tales following me around. It is unbearable. I am angry with my parents for bestowing this cursed name upon me."

Lindir smiled. "The name is far from cursed."

"Perhaps you ought to change your name to Ecthelion and move to Mirkwood where no one knows of Lindir the Minstrel," Glorfindel replied wryly. "Then perhaps you would understand."

"I doubt I'd have any luck getting people to believe I'm a warrior returned – and one of the fairest elves ever to walk Arda."

"Elves see much in a name."

"Ecthelion was a brunette, according to all accounts."

"So my example is poor, but just imagine for a moment, Lindir!" Glorfindel stood and gestured wildly. "Most elves here believe I am Glorfindel of Gondolin – a hero returned to them in a time of great need! And Elrond! Elrond allows it to continue – he encourages it!"

"He has his reasons, Glorfindel." The blonde whipped his head and stared at Lindir who lifted his hands in a placating gesture. "I'm not saying I am with him in this. He believes your name to be a symbol of hope in these darkening times and he doesn't want to deprive anyone of that hope."

"But I am no returned hero...."

"Not a returned one, for sure, but a hero nonetheless." Lindir's voice remained soft and calming. "You lead your troops well, fight valiantly, and protect our borders. You are a hero to many."

"To you?"

"Of course. Your deeds make you a hero, Glorfindel. Deeds in the here and now. You would be a hero to me even if your name were something horrid-sounding!"

Glorfindel smiled, glad that Lindir's presence always seemed to brighten his usually dark moods. "I only wish you could tell Elrond these things, my friend, and have him believe you as I do." He reached out his hands and pulled Lindir up from his seat, not letting go of the minstrel's fine-boned wrist. "You do a remarkable job of comforting me, Lindir. Always."

"Someone needs to keep you smiling, my Lord," the pale minstrel grinned, standing before Glorfindel.

"Aye, you do that, and so mu-"

Glorfindel was interrupted by the clear sound of a horn from the main courtyard. He sighed and released Lindir's hand.

"A patrol returns, I must see to them."

"I look forward to our next chance meeting then," Lindir said, still smiling.

The minstrel walked beside Glorfindel to the garden's gate. "As do I." With a soft glance at Lindir, he left the enclosure, but heard his friend call after him.

"Oh Glorfindel, you never apologized for intruding!"

Looking back with a bright smile, he laughed. "I was not sorry!"

Despite the good mood Glorfindel was in from meeting Lindir, his day quickly deteriorated. The return of one of his patrols kept him occupied for the rest of the afternoon, and by nightfall the warrior found himself behind on his other duties. Hurrying towards his small office, he was intercepted by Erestor.

"Running off so close to the evening meal?" the counselor said as he slipped into the corridor.

"I'm not 'running off' as you would say, Erestor," the blonde huffed in response, trying to move around the other. Erestor reached out and grabbed his arm before he could make his escape. He sighed resignedly. "What is it then?"

Erestor smiled. "As I was about to mention, the evening meal is about to start and Elrond requested your presence." Before Glorfindel could refuse, Erestor continued. "As did the contingent from Lothlórien."

Glorfindel groaned.

"Now, Glorfindel," the blonde swore he could almost hear the smirk in Erestor's voice. "Haldir and his men leave on the morrow and they would very much like to have you present tonight."

"Is that all?"

"Yes, I believe it is. I shall see you at dinner then." The counselor slid off, and Glorfindel watched him for a moment.

"Do you enjoy this, Erestor?" he asked just as the brunette was about to turn the corner. A dark gaze turned to meet his.

"Yes, I do."

Then he disappeared.

Dinner was worse than Glorfindel anticipated.

Seated between Haldir and one of his brothers, the blonde was forced to put up with countless sordid tales of the Marchwarden's exploits. Every so often he would cast annoyed glances at Erestor, only to receive an indecipherable smirk in return. The only thing that saved his sanity was the sound of Lindir's music, which had started as the meal had begun to end. Not only did he feel more at peace listening to the gentle voice, but he could also hush his dinner companions, telling them to 'enjoy the music'.

Eventually though, not even his friend's voice could completely drag him away from the company of the Galadhrim. Forced to play the part of a good host and gracious captain, Glorfindel joined Haldir, his brothers, Erestor, and Elrond in the lord's private sitting room for a last drink together. The blonde kept his glass full as he tried to ignore the conversation going on around him; he nodded when appropriate and laughed when the others did.

After goodness knows how long, Elrond finally stood and ushered his guests out. Feeling slightly off-balance, Glorfindel paused a moment outside his lord's door, leaning against the wall. He nearly jumped when he felt a hand on his arm.

"Haldir!" He exclaimed, grabbing a nearby fixture to keep from falling over. The Galadhel looked a bit fuzzy standing beside him, but he could tell the other was smirking.

"Lost your footing, Lord Glorfindel?"

"Something like that." He attempted a smile, but was honestly not sure that it didn't come out more as a grimace.

The Lórien elf chuckled, but it was not a warm sound. "Perhaps you should have gone a bit easier on the spirits tonight."

"I can hold my drink well enough, thank you." The Captain made an attempt to walk away but had to pause to let the corridor stop spinning. "Just...give me a moment," he added seeing that Haldir hadn't moved.

"It won't do to have the famous Glorfindel falling all over the place on his way to bed." Glorfindel winced at Haldir's choice of words. From his sarcastic tone, it was clear that Haldir was making fun of him. Of course the Marchwarden would know he wasn't the Glorfindel of legend; like Erestor, he probably thought it was amusing to see the blonde distressed by gossip.

Trying his best not to snap, Glorfindel waved the other off. "Don't let me keep you from your bed, Haldir. I'll be fine."

"I'm sure you will be," the silver-haired elf whispered, "but I was rather hoping you would join me in bed rather than leaving me to it alone."

"What?!" The Captain nearly stumbled again, causing Haldir to laugh. "I fail to see what's funny here," he muttered as he straightened himself.

"You seemed shocked," the other smirked.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Oh come, I'm sure that being a legend has gotten you a fair share of propositions. Elves must be very eager to test you out..."

"Haldir!" He yelled again, trying to back away.

The Galadhel wasn't deterred. "Of course, I know better. However, I thought that perhaps even though you aren't a real legend, you might still be worth a go between the sheets."

"Haldir..." Glorfindel's voice lowered and developed an edge.

"What do you say?" The Marchwarden moved towards him.

The Captain did his best not to slur his words. "I say you have crossed the line, Haldir. If I were you, I would leave while you're still able."

Glorfindel stared at Haldir, but the other seemed unfazed.

"Now, Haldir."

Finally, the other shrugged. "Pity." Without another word, Haldir turned a walked away, leaving the angry Captain alone in the hallway.

Visibly relieved, Glorfindel slumped against the wall. His dizziness had become more pronounced in the last few minutes and he knew Haldir had been right about one thing – he'd drank too much.

After a few steadying breaths, the blonde turned and slowly began to make his way back to his quarters with Haldir's taunts still running through his mind. He'd almost made it to his rooms when he stopped at a familiar door.

He knew it was late, but after the night he'd had, all Glorfindel wanted to do was see a friendly face. He took a deep breath and knocked, hoping his friend was not yet asleep.

The door was opened quickly and the blonde sighed in relief as he met Lindir's eyes.

"Glorfindel? What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping...well, I thought perhaps..." he stumbled, torn between wanting to apologize and begging Lindir to let him in. "Can I join you for a short while?"

Wordlessly, Lindir moved back to allow Glorfindel to pass. He heard the door click shut and made his way to the first chair he spotted. Relieved to be off his unsteady feet, he waited for Lindir to sit as well.

"What's wrong my friend? It's a bit late for you to be seeking a hiding spot." The minstrel's smile was gentle and Glorfindel could see that beneath it, Lindir was concerned.

"I think a hiding place is exactly what I need right now."

"Bad night?"

"That's an understatement."


The Captain gave a muffled laugh as his head was in his hands. "No, not Erestor. It was Haldir, actually."

"Well that's good news."

Glorfindel coughed. "Good news? How do you mean?"

"Well, Haldir leaves tomorrow, so if he was bothering you, at least you don't have to put up with him any longer."

"I...oh. Lindir, you're right."

"One of my worst habits, I know." The Captain smiled, thankful that his decision to visit with Lindir had been the right one. The two sat in silence for a moment longer before the minstrel spoke.

"Whether he's leaving or not, I can tell he upset you greatly." The blonde nodded. "Would you tell me, or should I mind my own business?"

"Have I ever told you to mind your business?"

"No, but that does not mean I wouldn't respect it if you did say it."

Glorfindel groaned, thinking back on everything Haldir had said. "Now that I think about it, it seems rather childish of me to complain about what he said." He paused but knew Lindir was silently encouraging him to continue. "He propositioned me, that's all."

"And that unnerved you?"

"Not by itself, no." He shook his head. "He told me that even though I wasn't an elf of legend, I might still be 'worth a go' in bed."

Lindir laughed. "And he actually thought to convince you to lay with him by saying that?"

"He probably thought that the liquor I'd consumed would ease his way," Glorfindel added flatly.

"You were drunk?"

"Still am drunk, my friend." The Captain didn't miss Lindir's small gasp of disbelief. "I do wish your room would stop spinning however, it might make our conversation easier."

"Oh, Glorfindel," Lindir chided gently as he stood and grabbed the blonde's arm. "I don't know what I'm going to do with you."

Glorfindel laughed as he tried to stand. "Helping me to my rooms would be a start."

But Lindir didn't help him over to the door. Instead, the pair made their way into Lindir's bedroom. "You're not going anywhere in this state – I don't want you falling asleep halfway to your quarters. The best thing is for you to sleep this off."

The Captain protested weakly as he fell over onto Lindir's bed. He felt his head being lifted and a pillow wedged beneath it. He heard Lindir talking to him but it was becoming harder and harder to tell what he was saying. He mumbled a quick 'thank you' that he wasn't sure his friend actually heard and turned over.

He was asleep even before Lindir stopped talking.

Somewhere outside, birds were chirping – a rather wretched noise so early in the morning. Glorfindel groaned and tried to open his eyes. Squinting, he could see it was still dark and he realized he must have only slept for a few hours. Thankfully, he felt better though he was incredibly thirsty. He was about to get up when he spotted a pitcher of water and a glass on the night stand.

"Oh Lindir," he whispered hoarsely to himself. "You truly are a most wonderful friend."

"I'm glad you finally noticed."

Glorfindel started at Lindir's voice beside him. He glanced over and met the minstrel's tired but smiling face. Lindir was lying on his back on top of the covers, though Glorfindel noticed he'd been carefully tucked in.

The blonde took a long drink. "I've always noticed, don't worry. What time is it?"

Lindir yawned. "I think it's just before dawn. Did you need to be awake early for anything?"

Glorfindel closed his eyes and shuddered. "Thank goodness I don't. The Lórien elves leave mid-morning and I should be there, but I'm not looking forward to it."

"Because of Haldir?" The blonde nodded. "I am sorry for the things he said to you," the minstrel added quietly.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Lindir. If it wasn't for you I would have gone to my rooms drunk and still angry – and stewed over his remarks all night."

"Still," Lindir murmured softly, "you deserve more than that."

"Do I?" Glorfindel was rather confused hearing this from Lindir. His friend had always supported him, but this seemed somehow more personal, more intimate support.

The minstrel cleared his throat in the awkward silence. "Are you feeling better now?"

"Much better," he replied, stretching his long limbs and reaching again for the water glass. "Maybe it's because you took such good care of me even though you didn't have to." He took a long drink, trying to soothe his dry mouth and throat. "I hope I wasn't too much of a burden to have in your bed."

"Believe me, I didn't mind!" Lindir said too quickly.

Glorfindel raised an eyebrow. "You didn't?" He smirked as Lindir's eyes widened. The minstrel's hand flew to cover his mouth in surprise.


The Captain started to laugh, the shocked expression on his friend's face more than amusing.

"Glorfindel, stop!"


Lindir fell silent and Glorfindel's laughter died down.

"Lindir, what is it?"

"It's nothing...I just meant...I mean that...oh Glorfindel! Stop looking at me like that!"

Leaning up, Glorfindel studied his friend's flustered expression. "Lindir..." his voice gentled, "what's wrong? Did I say something?"

"No...no!" The minstrel jumped off the bed. "I'm sure you want to get back to your rooms - you've probably had enough of my company."

"Lindir," the blonde repeated while ignoring the other's frantic speech. "Are you blushing?"

"What? No! Glorfindel..." the pale elf stammered with exasperation and gestured to the door. "You should go, it will be dawn soon."

"Do you want me to leave?" The Captain didn't move but could tell Lindir was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

"I'm sure you have much to attend to."

"Well, not really. But Lindir..." he paused.

Lindir sighed and replied quietly. "Please, Glorfindel. I...I think you should leave."

Glorfindel rubbed his temples. Saying nothing, he climbed out of the bed in the dim light. "I didn't mean to upset you," he said as he approached the door. "But thank you for taking care of me." He watched carefully as Lindir nodded, his cheeks uncharacteristically red. When Lindir said nothing more, the blonde turned and left.

It was nearly noon when Glorfindel stood in the courtyard to see the party of Galadhrim off. He concentrated on listening to Elrond's farewells instead of looking at the departing group of elves. Specifically, he tried to avoid looking at Haldir. He had already noted the guardian's sullen expression when he'd arrived for the send off.

Glorfindel's gaze began to wander, as it so often did during Elrond's speeches of this sort. His eyes fell on Erestor, who looked as miserable as ever standing near Imladris' lord. Normally, this wouldn't have surprised the golden warrior, but he wondered at Erestor's gloomy gaze being focused on the silver guardian of the Galadhrim. Though unwilling, Glorfindel looked again at Haldir, who was most decidedly avoiding looking at Erestor.

Any further musings on this would have to be delayed however, for Elrond finished his parting words and the group of elves bowed to him before leaving the courtyard. Haldir was gone, and when Glorfindel looked around, he saw Erestor too had disappeared.

Glorfindel of Rivendell kept to himself the rest of the day. He holed himself in his small office, as enduring the courtyard or halls would have meant enduring hearing more whispers and answering annoying questions. He even avoided going to dinner, though he would have liked the chance to speak to Lindir about the morning's incident between Erestor and Haldir.

And Lindir, well, that was another problem. He'd thought about going to his friend just after the Galadhrim's departure, but decided against it, unsure whether Lindir would see him. Eating his supper privately in his office, his thoughts drifted to the minstrel and their talk that morning.

It was hard for Glorfindel not to simply go to Lindir. In truth, there was no one's company he preferred above the pale-haired elf. This revelation didn't exactly come as a surprise, for Glorfindel began to realize that he was perfectly comfortable to have Lindir as his sole friend. Oh, he had plenty of acquaintances, but as long as the minstrel was his friend, he felt he would be just fine.

Well, Glorfindel began to think, he'd be more than 'just fine'. His time with Lindir was something no one could take away. He'd already been stripped of his identity to satisfy hopes and curiosity. Glorfindel felt like a prize – an icon; in all likelihood Lindir was the only one who truly loved Glorfindel of Rivendell.

Loved him.

Glorfindel sat up straight. When had he started thinking about Lindir loving him? Certainly the minstrel liked and admired him, but love? The captain sighed to the empty room, feeling very much empty himself. It was an absurd notion; he'd merely been thinking of the love one would feel for one of their leaders. Though if that were true, Glorfindel mused, then why did he suddenly feel disheartened?

Another absurd thought came to him. Did he want Lindir to love him?

The answer was immediate...of course.

Love from someone so kind and beautiful - it could only be a blessing to be welcomed and embraced, Glorfindel thought giddily. He wanted Lindir's love and perhaps he could give the minstrel his heart in return. Who would be a better keeper than the friend he trusted and cherished?

He made a decision in that moment; he would seek Lindir's love.

Of course, this all begged the next thought. After the awkwardness of that morning, was even their friendship still strong?

The blonde slumped forward at his desk, his forehead thumping against the wood. That train of thought was pestering him.

"Certainly, Lindir is still my friend," he muttered to his parchment. The paper, however, gave no consolation, so he swept it off his desk and laid his head on his arms.

Later that evening, the moon found Glorfindel in the same position. The parchment still lay on the floor, where it had been joined by two quills and a book, all of which hadn't helped him straighten out his thoughts.

Ithil wasn't the only one to find the Captain this way, as Lindir softly entered the room and observed his friend sleeping at his desk. A soft whisper of Glorfindel's name was enough to wake the blonde, and he looked up sleepily at the minstrel.

"Ah good," the blonde muttered drowsily.

Curious, Lindir looked at Glorfindel. "Pardon?"

"You're here...means you must still be my friend." Glorfindel sat up, still groggy. "That one there," he indicated the nicer of the two quills on the floor, "disagreed with me."

The minstrel tried not to laugh as he approached his friend. "You were discussing me with your stationary and quills? I'm flattered." The blonde snorted and leaned back.

A moment of silence passed between them before Lindir spoke again quietly. "Glorfindel, I wanted to apologize for this morning. I think I may have overreacted when you, well, when you were saying...."

"Lindir," the blonde interrupted. "There is no need to apologize."

"But I threw you out of my rooms!"

Glorfindel stood up and faced the minstrel. "I am the one who should apologize. It seemed I made you nervous and uncomfortable."

"It was noth-"

"Don't say it was nothing, Lindir." Glorfindel interjected. "If it was nothing, you wouldn't have gotten upset." He led Lindir, who looked nearly as awkward as he had that morning, over to the bench that sat beneath the office's only window. The minstrel tried to speak up, but Glorfindel silenced him, wanting to say his piece.

"I was thinking about the things we said this morning, and none of it struck me as odd."

"Yes, which is why I shouldn-"



"None of it was odd until I think I made some ghastly remark about being in your bed." Glorfindel noticed Lindir looking very pointedly at his own hands. "I can only conclude that it disturbed you somehow, and," he paused.

"And what?" Lindir would still not meet his eyes.

"And there are only two possibilities. Either you were reminded of how much you did not want me in your bed or...or of how much you did."

"Glorfindel, please." Lindir's voice was quiet and pleading.

"Ah yes, you said that this morning too." The Captain tried smiling, but was forced to switch tactics when he saw Lindir was still not looking at him. He reached over and tilted the minstrel's chin up so that their eyes met. His tone more serious, he pleaded with Lindir. "Please, my friend. Be honest with me. You're the only one I can count on to be truly honest, and if I lose that...if I lose your honesty I don't think I could stand-"

"I did."

"What?" Glorfindel hadn't expected Lindir to interrupt his little speech.

"I did...want you there, I mean. In...in my bed."

"Well, I must say that's a relief – certainly better than the other possibility!"

"Glorfindel, stop."

"Stop what?" The Captain wanted desperately for his friend to finally smile.

Lindir sighed. "You're toying with me."

"On the contrary, I was being honest." Glorfindel's laugh sounded slightly more like a nervous chuckle. "I am very glad you wanted me there. I very much wanted to be there." It was Lindir's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Truly! I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be than in bed with someone I love."

"Love?" Lindir appeared to choke.

Glorfindel smiled his brightest smile. "Of course love! You are my best friend, and to be completely honest, rather beautiful." He was glad Lindir was blushing now. "There is no reason for me not to love you and every reason for me to. Don't you love me?"


Glorfindel smirked and Lindir's blush deepened even further.

"Well, actually...I do love you." The minstrel's smile was now as bright as Glorfindel's. Despite his seeming bravado during his own declaration, the warrior let out the small breath he'd been holding as he waited for Lindir's response. His hand tightened around Lindir's, which had been resting loosely in his.

"But wait! This is absurd...I mean, you're Glorfindel!"

Glorfindel's face tightened ever so slightly. "Please Lindir, not from you."

"That's not what I mean." It was Lindir's turn to grasp Glorfindel's hand in return. "You're my Glorfindel – a personal hero to so many in Rivendell, and it has nothing to do with the legends surrounding the other Glorfindel," he added quickly. "You're a legend in your own right, a captain, a warrior, a lord. To me, you outshine any fabled elf."

The blonde felt a shiver run up his spine as Lindir spoke with such passion about him. It was a speech he was hard pressed to follow, and he failed miserably at a reply.


"I can't help but think I don't deserve you."

Another nervous laugh came from Glorfindel. "Don't deserve me? Lindir," the blonde pulled him closer. "That is a silly thought. I'm not much of a prize, but if anyone deserves me, it's you."

The two looked at each other for a few silent moments – smiles on their faces and hands clasped together in Glorfindel's lap. A feeling of what he supposed was giddiness washed over Glorfindel. He had never felt such a thing before and he laughed.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Lindir. Absolutely nothing. Ever since I arrived here so many things have felt wrong, but now I expect all of that will change."

"Many things will change after this most unexpected day," Lindir added as Glorfindel trailed off. "Like me wanting to kiss you right now."

Both elves smiled. "Only now you want to kiss me?" Glorfindel remarked bemusedly. "My Lindir, I have wanted to kiss you for a very long time."

Lindir started to blush again, but before the minstrel could reply, Glorfindel used their joined hands to pull him close enough for a kiss. All conversation was forgotten for a time as the two began to discover just what they'd been missing with each other.

"Oh Glorfindel," Lindir teased quietly when they finally broke apart. "You never did apologize earlier."

"For what?"

"For causing all of this with your remark this morning."

The warrior smiled. "I am not sorry."


The next morning, Glorfindel again found himself in Lindir's bed. Unlike the previous occasion, the blonde remembered exactly what events had taken place the night before to lead him there. Oh yes - a giddy smile appeared on his face – Glorfindel remembered quite well.

Just lying there, feeling Lindir sleeping curled up behind him, Glorfindel was more content than he'd ever been. He no longer dreaded what the day held in store. There would still be hushed rumors and uncomfortable questions, but today the thought of facing them bothered Glorfindel very little. He had Lindir now – truly had him. The life he'd led before today, the awkwardness and frustration, didn't matter. He laughed out loud as he began to realize just how different his life would be.

His laughter woke Lindir and he turned around. A sleepy smile fell across the minstrel's face as Glorfindel expected he too was thinking about their new, shared future. He doubted that Glorfindel of Gondolin, for all his deeds and glory, had ever been so overwhelmingly happy. It mattered not though.

Today was for Glorfindel of Rivendell and Lindir alone. And, the warrior reflected, even if today was not one to be remembered in history, it had gained him much more than myths. So much more.
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