Sleeping It Off V: Wish You Were Here by Lostiawen
Summary: Orlando's feeling a little lonely in the Caribbean.
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Warning: Kink
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Series: Sleeping It Off
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Story Notes:
This is set in the "Sleeping It Off" universe, but it also works as a standalone fic.
Written for the CharactersInBloom "Give the Boy a Hand" challenge.
Many thanks to the lovely Elizabeth for acting as a sounding board and providing the wonderful image of Viggo crawling in "Some Kind of Heaven".

Sleeping It Off series: Sleeping It Off, Bargaining, It's Getting Hot In Here, Masquerade, Wish You Were Here.

1. Chapter 1 by Lostiawen

Chapter 1 by Lostiawen
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction, none of this really happened. The author is not associated with or is implying anything about the sexual preferences or the lives of the people depicted within.
Warnings : Toy use, wanking, post-coital rimming.

"Hmmm? Oh sorry, Johnny." Orlando said as Johnny Depp's voice interrupted his thoughts. He looked up from his dinner. "I was a bit distracted."

"Still missing your boyfriend?" Johnny asked sympathetically. "I know it's tough on these long shoots." Orlando had become fast friends with Johnny and he was one of the few people outside of the Fellowship who knew about his unique relationship with Viggo and Sean.

"Yeah. I didn't get a chance to see him much while I was doing my last two films, and now here I am at a distant part of the globe again. At least while I was in England, I got to see Sean."

"It still amazes me that the three of you have made it work. You've even lasted longer than a lot of the marriages in Hollywood."

Orlando sipped his port, "Well, it was a bit awkward at first, because Sean and I are not sleeping with each other, even though we share Viggo. But it all fell into place, and we're best mates now."

As Orlando finished his sentence, his words felt a little hollow. Best mates. He fervently wished that Sean could be more, but not now. Not yet.

"You're spacing out again, luv," Johnny said in Jack Sparrow's voice.

Orlando shook himself and said, "Sorry, man. I'm being a complete wanker and I'm getting all moody and twee." He focused on Johnny. "You've got my undivided attention now. What do you have up your sleeve for the fight scene tomorrow?"

"Well, I thought it would be cool if Jack proves how superior a swordsman he is by slapping Will's ass with the flat of his blade as they circle around... "

The rest of the dinner continued uneventfully, but when it was over, Orli trudged back to his suite, feeling dejected. Viggo and Sean were both extremely busy right now, so he couldn't call them up and hear their friendly voices. He took the lift back up to his room, and slipped the keycard into the door.

Once he was inside, he frowned. It was a bit stuffy in his suite, so he threw open the windows, sniffing the salt air. The tang of port was on still on his lips, and as he inhaled the distinct smell of the sea, a memory was activated.

He remembered a dinner he had with Viggo at his house in New Zealand, early in their relationship. They had decided to eat on one of his many sundecks, chatting amicably while they helped themselves to the food that Viggo had cooked.

Orlando closed his eyes, hearing Viggo's husky voice laughing easily between sips of port and bites of pasta liberally coated with homemade marinara sauce. In his mind's eye, he pictured his lover's chiseled features, the cleft in his chin, the scar on his lip, and his eyes. Those incredible eyes could shift from grey to a deep cobalt blue at a moment's notice, and Orlando never tired of gazing deep into them.

During the meal, Orlando was mesmerized by the twinkle that sparkled in Viggo's eyes as he laughed. He had been so entranced that he stuffed his food into his mouth crookedly, smearing sauce on the corner of his lips.

And then those wonderfully azure eyes darkened, and Viggo slowly closed the space between them. His sinful voice murmured, "Let me," as his tongue darted out to lick the stray bits of sauce off Orlando's face.

And he didn't stop there; he continued to trace his tongue around Orlando's lips, swiping it across his mouth, before leaning in for a kiss.

The sweetness of port, and the slight metallic tang of the sauce slid across Orlando's tongue before fading into Viggo's unique taste of exotic spices and yerba mate; the sharpness of the ocean mixed with Viggo's scent to form a musk that rapidly awakened Orlando's desire.

Orlando continued to replay the memory, remembering how they had hovered over the table, his hands tangled in Viggo's silky hair as they continued to taste each other. His pants began feeling tight as blood flooded into his cock.

Dreamily, he touched his neck, fanning his long fingers over the soft column, imagining that Viggo's rough hand was delicately stroking it. His skin tingled, and then he felt a hot breath fan across his neck at the same time. He cooed as Sean pulled his long curls aside to delicately suck on the back of his neck.

He chuckled, fantasizing about the press of two bodies against him, feeling the heat curl over his skin as Sean reached around to delicately tweak his nipples through his silk shirt. Viggo pressed tiny butterfly kisses to his jaw, his thick stubble grazing Orli's skin in stark contrast to the softness grazing against his chest.

Sean was nibbling his ear now, slowly twirling his tongue in the whorl. Orlando could feel the slow creep of his hands sliding up his shirt. He popped the first button open, feeling Viggo's breath ghost over his skin before he began delicately licking the exposed V of flesh.

Orlando squirmed, feeling the desire to get naked as quickly as possible, but he knew that Viggo was going to keep him burning. Sean's teasing hands popped another button open, stroking Orli's overheated skin. Moist lips grazed his ear as that silky voice whispered, "What do you want, Orli?"

Orli decided that what he really wanted to do right now was to get naked. He quickly stripped off his clothes and sighed as his erection sprang free. Smiling mischievously, he briefly dismissed Sean and Viggo from his mind while he rummaged in his bag, fishing out two silicone dildoes: they both had flared bases, one was blue with a suction cup on the end of it, and the other was a marbled green/white.

"Damnit, where's my lube?" he muttered to himself, grinning when he found the elusive bottle. He grinned even broader as he pulled it out: as a private joke, he had purchased some that was pina colada flavored.

"Welcome to the Caribbean, indeed," he murmured. He walked into the bathroom and ran the water until it was hot. Once it had reached the desired temperature, he filled the sink and placed both toys inside, heating them up. When he was satisfied, he pulled them out and dried them off.

He strolled back into his room and threw back the covers on his bed. Judging the distance carefully, he affixed the blue dildo onto his headboard just above the pillows. He then coated it generously with lube and conjured an image of Viggo standing in front of him naked, slowly stroking his dripping cock. "Suck me," Viggo said huskily, the sheer lust in his voice making Orli's dick jump.

Needing no further prompting, Orli scrambled onto the bed on all fours. He stretched forward and lapped his tongue on the tip of the dildo, tasting the overly sticky-sweet lube and letting his mind slowly blur it until he was sipping the familiar salt of Viggo's pre-come.

As he busily twirled his tongue around the silicone shaft, he grabbed the bottle of lube and generously smeared it on his second toy. Orlando positioned it at his entrance, teasing himself with the tip and dreamily thinking of Sean's cock doing the same.

"Oh God, Sean," Orli whispered throatily, "Fuck me. Fuck me, now."

He shrieked as he plunged the green dildo fully inside, thinking of Sean's hot, hard length scorching a path deep into him. Reality blurred, and he heard Sean gasp, "Goddamn Orli... "

"Sean. Move," Orli whimpered as his hand began pumping the toy, setting a frantic pace. Each stroke glided over his prostate, sending starshines of pleasure pulsing through his body.

"That's it, Sean," Orli said, his voice rough with need, "Fuck my tight little arse until I scream."

Orlando leaned forward and swallowed Viggo's length, listening to his lover's hiss of pleasure. As he swirled patterns on Viggo's cock with his tongue, he heard Viggo rasp out a string of obscenities, his sinful voice growing richer and heavier under Orlando's ministrations.

Sean was grabbing Orlando's hips, his slamming more frantic as Viggo's moans spurred him on. Orli tried to picture the green eyes going hazy and unfocused as he lost himself in his erotic rhythm, pulling back all the way before he quickly slid his cock back in. Each deep thrust pushed Orli forward, causing Viggo's length to go deeper into his throat. He made a muffled whimper and ran his tongue over the sensitive vein that throbbed on the underside, hearing Viggo's groan of pleasure.

The pressure was building within Orlando and he stopped sucking the dildo. Mewling softly, he rolled onto his back, and then frantically pumped the toy inside of him as he stroked his cock. The dual stimulation was too much and his climax surged quickly over him.

"Oh, Sean... " he groaned as he found his release, spraying pearly strands of hot liquid over his hands, trying to picture Sean's face in the throes of orgasm. White light exploded behind Orlando's eyes as he arched up stiffly and then collapsed back on the bed, his limbs boneless. When he floated back down to coherency, he pulled the dildo out with a groan.

He idly reached down with his left hand and began stroking his cock as he licked his right hand clean, tasting the bitter salt. He cooed softly as his fantasy Viggo pushed his legs up to his stomach; Viggo then slid down until his hot breath was fanning Orli's entrance.

He mewled softly as Viggo's tongue pressed deeply inside him, lapping up the combination of his taste and Sean's release. Orlando licked the last drop of come off of his hand, rolling it about on his tongue. The hot, Caribbean air smelled of sex, reminding him of the many nights he had spent in Viggo's arms. He felt his cock beginning to stir slightly, eager for more. Reaching beside him, he pulled the toy off of the headboard.

He created an image of both Viggo and Sean on their knees, slowly kissing each other, a light sheen of sweat glistening on their skins. Both men were flushed with arousal and they hardened as they explored each other's mouths.

When they parted, Sean purred, "On your back, Vig. I want to sink into your hot arse." Orlando felt his knees go weak as he heard that silky smooth voice say each word as if he had rolled and tasted each syllable lasciviously on his tongue before voicing it. The smokiness in Sean's green eyes met the intense hunger in Viggo's cobalt blue ones, sizzling the air between them.

"Need your cock, Sean," Viggo rasped, the raw need in his voice causing an ache deep in the pit of Orlando's stomach. Viggo lowered himself onto the mattress, and Sean pulled his legs onto his shoulders, positioning his erection at Viggo's entrance and then smoothly sliding in with an easy thrust. The deep moan Viggo gave when Sean slid into him shot through Orli's nerves, and he felt his semi-hard flesh fully pulse to life.

Sean pulled out almost all the way before sliding back in slowly, making Viggo gasp. He continued on his lazy rhythm until Viggo was writhing underneath him.

"Come over here, you two," Orlando whispered, and Sean obligingly slid out of Viggo and the two of them crawled over, both sets of eyes gleaming like a pair of predatory felines.

They positioned themselves on opposite sides of Orlando's cock, both of them slowly licking their way up until they met each other's lips at the tip. The two of them swirled their tongues in the moisture beading out, meeting each other in the center. As Orlando keened, they wrapped their tongues around each other and pulled in closer for a passionate kiss over his hard flesh.

"Viggo... " Orlando groaned. He rose to his knees, positioning the blue dildo at his entrance. He pictured himself pushing Viggo onto his back before he impaled himself on Viggo's thick erection, hissing as the heated length slid into him. Whimpering, he began to ride his lover as hard as he could.

Sean caressed his back, the broad hands causing his skin to tingle. Orlando turned his head, tangling their tongues together for a fierce kiss, tasting the faint tang of Harp.

Sean explored his mouth until he was trembling and shaking, igniting his blood until he was completely on fire. He bobbed frantically on Viggo's cock, clamping down and squeezing the other man rhythmically. Viggo gasped and grabbed his hips, but Sean stilled Orlando's thrashing and said, "Not just yet."

Sean kissed his way down Orli's spine, his lips causing little prickles of heat to shoot through Orlando's body. Orlando felt Sean part his arse cheeks and he wailed as Sean's tongue flicked around his entrance, licking the sensitive flesh where he and Viggo were joined.

Viggo gasped underneath him, squirming. Sean continued teasing them until both Orlando and Viggo were crying out their frustration.

"Sean, damnit," Orlando mewled, "let me move."

He heard Sean's deep, rich laugh, and the warm tongue moved away. Orlando squirted some lube on his hand and wrapped it around his cock, the faint coconut-pineapple smell permeating the muggy air. As he stroked himself, his mind drifted, and he felt Sean's big hand in place of his slender one, tugging on his cock in lazy spirals and caressing the tip with his thumb.

Orlando couldn't take anymore and he began to impale himself on Viggo's length again, moaning as he felt Sean's hand stroking him in time to his frantic thrusts. Underneath Orlando, Viggo grasped his hips and responded in kind, pounding into him hard until Orlando keened loudly and his entire body shuddered. His grip on reality shattered as he climaxed again, splashing his release over his hand and stomach while he chanted Viggo's name.

He flopped back onto the cool sheets, murmuring. He was barely conscious enough to pull the dildo out, and he moaned softly at the loss. Eventually, he came back to himself, and he reluctantly pried himself out of bed. Grabbing his toys, he stumbled into the bathroom and cleaned everything up.

He repacked his dildoes and had just hopped into bed when the phone rang.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hello, angel. I just finished signing for the day and I wanted to see how you were doing," Viggo replied.

Orlando laughed softly, "I was just wishing that you were here." His fatigue rapidly vanished. "Tell me about everything that the two of you have been doing, I miss you and Sean a lot."

The voice on the other end suddenly became husky, "How much?"

Orlando laughed and said, "Give me about 15 minutes and I'll tell you every single detail, old man."

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