Name: Tristana (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2012 04:42 pm · For: Chapter 1

Where to start? There are several reasons why I adore your story. One would be the epic slash. Though it makes sense, I have to say that this is the first story I come across in which the full potential of these three is exploited. And you made me the happiest fangirl this side of Middle-Earth (so to say).
Yes, Maedhros is clueless, but he's all the more loveable for this. Though I have to say that it's sometimes annoying. But anyway. I like your idea - having Fingon leading Maedhros to see. And this is plain sweet and I need no other reason than this.
Though the smut was... *fans self* Okay, now, I'll be out in the rain, I'll be right back.
Also, the end of your story made it... not sad, but still. Nostalgic somehow. (Listening to sad songs at the same time is not a good idea apparently.) I really loved it - and the fact that it was not some PWP.
So to sum it up - I am sorry for the long rant: your story is well-written, nosebleed-inducing, and is definitely a favourite of mine from now.
Thank you for writing this story, and for sharing it. *offers cookies in thanks*
(Now I want to hug them even more than I usually do...
Fingon: And I thought Balrogs were the last thing you'd want to see. I take that back.) /goes off before being too creepy.

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