Reviews For Heliotrope

Name: Jodine16 (Anonymous) · Date: March 07, 2011 11:37 am · For: Chapter 1

Simply delicious, well written and Gimli popping out of nowhere was the cherry on top. :D

Name: Geale (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2010 05:08 pm · For: Chapter 1

First of all: thank you for this delightful story! I'm not usually a Legolas/…omer fan but this is great. I love your take on Legolas and the never entirely expressed silliness that simmers under the surface constantly – and still you manage to convey a sort of battle of powers that is very convincing. I must say that Gimli's very timely arrival was both scary and splendid... :) And I'm very relieved to know the reason for why certain people were disregarded at the end of the movie because I have always wondered myself. Loved this.

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