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Summary: Boromir and Legolas were lovers before the events of FotR while Boromir was fighting Orcs on the edge of Mirkwood. Their relationship ended in an argument that resulted in each deciding to stay in their own kingdom. Now that they have both joined the Fellowship, Boromir finds him self wanting to re-establish his place in the elf's life; despite Legolas' budding relationship with Aragorn.
Categories: FPS > Boromir/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS > Legolas/Boromir Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas
Summary: In Rivendell, the Fellowship plays a game of truth or dare. The questions and dares are really silly and innocent until Boromir and Legolas end up having to snog (Aragorn getting jealous). Then they end up in an empty room and things progress from there... R/NC17 if possible.
Categories: FPS > Boromir/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Boromir Characters: Boromir, Legolas
Summary: I am searching for a story involving someone from present time being thrust backwards through time to middle earth during the brief 2 centuries before the war of the ring. In this setting I would like for the person cast from the future to meet Legolas on his way to Imladris. It could turn out that this person was in fact Boromir reborn, just to add a certain twist to it. as everyone knows Legolas won't actually meet the real Boromir till the council of Elrond and obviously the future version of Boromir will die long before that happens, so only Legolas will know the truth... perhaps a prayer he made to the Valar to reunite with his beloved which had been granted, only to have him cruelly slain by orcs and his last breath released in Aragorn's arms. perhaps a rivalry between Legolas and Aragorn could start from this tragedy? then... love?
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Boromir, FPS, FPS > Boromir/Legolas Characters: Boromir, Legolas